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Trial Over Abuse Of Hundreds Of Animals Begins Today (nz)

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Short article on TVNZ site.

A Woodville couple will today stand trial for what is alleged to be the country's biggest and worst case of animal cruelty.

Former dog breeders David and Daryl Balfour are facing four representative animal cruelty charges relating to the mistreatment of 81 dogs and 161 cats between August 2006 and March 2007.


David Balfour is a wheaten terrier breeder.

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It happens. I once had a neighbour with fifty or more dogs who was a top breeder, all breeds judge, etc. who kept filthy kennels, had fridges full of disgusting rotten meat, allowed very little exercise, etc. Sadly, bad animal husbandry isn't restricted to puppy mills.

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He is, or was, also an All Breeds conformation judge.

and breeder of Lowchen, CKCS, KCS, SBT, WHWT and Chinese Crested

I am pretty sure that somewhere there is a law that cruelty to WHWT is a hanging offense so compounded with the other breeds I would reckon their time upon this earth will be a short one.

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A couple of further articles:

I was retching says SPCA inspector

The trial of a former Waipawa couple on animal-cruelty charges has begun at Palmerston North District Court.

In 2007, the SPCA found 161 cats and 87 dogs it alleged were mistreated at a Heretaunga Rd property between Woodville and Dannevirke, owned by David Neil Balfour and his wife Daryl Kirsty Reid Balfour.

The couple have each pleaded not guilty to four charges - two of ill-treating animals and two of failing to prevent suffering.

SPCA accused of exaggerating case

When the SPCA raided the Balfour property, inspectors found dogs walking around in circles, pacing up and down and jumping repetitively – behaviour that worried the society's lead inspector.

But a defence lawyer has dismissed such claims as "greatly exaggerated".

On March 5, 2007, SPCA inspectors searched a former pig farm occupied by married couple David and Daryl Balfour, on Heretaunga Rd, between Woodville and Dannevirke.

They found 161 cats and 87 dogs allegedly living in poor conditions.

The Balfours each face two charges of ill-treating animals and two of failing to prevent suffering.

On the second day of their trial at Palmerston North District Court, before Judge Grant Fraser, the SPCA's lead inspector for the case, James Boyd, was in the witness box all day.

Responding to questions from Crown prosecutor Paul Murray, Mr Boyd said some dogs on the Balfour property reacted excitedly to inspectors and behaved "over the top".

Another dog, however, was scared of inspectors and kept running away and whimpering.

It ran from one side of its enclosure to another and eventually hid behind its kennel.

Other dogs were observed running back and forward and throwing themselves at the ends of their cages, and one dog kept jumping up toward a window in its enclosure, Mr Boyd said.

I don't doubt that these dogs were in horrible conditions but on the parts I've bolded, I'd be very surprised at any wheaten terrier that didn't jump a lot or reacted 'over the top' to the presence of people. Whether that behaviour was because of the conditions or because of breed traits, I don't know.

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He is, or was, also an All Breeds conformation judge.

and breeder of Lowchen, CKCS, KCS, SBT, WHWT and Chinese Crested

He is still an All Breeds judge(on the NZKC list),as he has not been convicted of any wrong doing, yet.

although I doubt he has had any appointments since this case came to light.

I remember it being on the news back then.

I didnt realise it had taken this long for the case to be heard.

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I think it should be noted - no where does it say it was a SCW that was jumping around...

I seem to remember some info from a Close-up or 20/20 news program report done when this first happened.

Stuff like animals were starving, living in cages full of poo etc.....Also 81 of the cats were pts due to their poor health.....

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I think it should be noted that I haven't defended the man and haven't denied the conditions, Hotwyr.

I think it should also be noted that given the amount of wheatens reported as being there (not necessarily in the media), odds are that the jumping dogs are wheatens.

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