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  1. Two of our baby British Bulldogs also had their debut today. They did so well for just 3 months old.
  2. Our new addition to the show ring. Such a lovely boy 1st show today at 9 months old. Best Dog CC and Reserve Best of Breed
  3. Thanks Sway I have been googling for results but all I got was last years link
  4. Havent been on DOL for ages. So apologies if there is already a topic somewhere. Results today??
  5. Our Dane is 7 months old now and pretty much everything that has been said above is as it is. Our lounge has been taken over by a Dane. The kitchen bench(which has been untouched by the Bulldogs) is no longer safe with a Dane. I have lost count as to how many times my feet have been stood on. They are an extremely intelligent breed and definitely require extensive training. We feed Canidae (Bulldogs and Mr Princess the Dane) He was taught from the age of 3 months old that he MUST wait until he is given the OK to have his dinner. His food bowl is always raised(as he grows) and he is being taught manners and learns very quickly. He loves the speak up command also! We also do hand signals with training as well as voice commands which he has quickly learnt.
  6. I find it extremely sad that a supposedly responsible Community person has acted so thoughtlessly and inhumane towards an innocent animal and their own children. Actions like this will perhaps have an impact on that daughters life in regards to humane acts. Not a pleasant scenario to have to witness. RIP poor puppy
  7. 1 girl didn't make it with my litter and I had her PTS at 4 days old Very sad time with the circumstances of her passing but I wont go into it here. I also had to completely wean the puppies of their mum at 7 days old as she developed a huge infection and strong antibiotics saved her. Due to me twice daily checking her temp after the C section I was able to pick up her infection very quickly but I feel the puppies health was already compromised. Babies lost a lot of weight(they all do after birth) but this was a lot. They have had to make up extra for what they lost. We have also had a few other issues but our 5 babies are nearly 3 weeks old now and doing very well. The puppy breathe atmosphere is just beautiful and there are some lovely babies in the litter. Mother Winnie dried off really well. Sending a virtual puppy breathe pic
  8. Have been doing this for years. Can you provide proof that it destroys the coating on the kibble. Would cold water not do the same?
  9. We had our Bullmastiffs on Proplan Large breed adult. Feed this after 6 months old. Don't keep on feeding puppy. She needs to keep the dog a little on the lean side. Raise the dogs food bowl (you can make a feeding table out of wood or use plastic chairs) and make sure they are just reaching for their food but without straining to get it. Also soak the dogs biscuits in hot water and leave for a little while to cool. doesn't have to be a lot of water but just to moisten the bikkies. Yes manner are essential in these strong breeds.
  10. My two week old Bulldog babies are all chilled out over a wine bladder filled with water and frozen. Double sheet underneath them and bladder wrapped in a large plastic bag Cooled boiled water also during the day. keep checking the coolness of their bed to make sure it is not too cold. Happy babies
  11. Little bottles can be purchased at the downtown cheaper shops. Crazy Clarks stuff like that. You can get smaller nipples and bottles(premy ones) from a good chemist. I would also strongly recommend Impact Colostrum to give as soon as possible. You can give this to anyone of the babies if they a bit slow. If baby really wont suck try an eyedropper. Slow I know but the last thing you need to do is get milk down the lungs. Impact colostrum you can get from the vet
  12. I know you were asking for positive experiences but in my opinion every experience helps. Good and bad. I had a bitch(was 18 months old. Normal seasons, but had never been mated. She develop open Pyo and I opted to medicate. A heartwrenching experience and certainly not one for the fainthearted. You have to be with them 24 hours a day and then some until the treatment is finished(unless they stay at the vets) Everything went well and Abbey recovered. I had to mate her at the next season which I did. I also mated her Mum as she came into season 1 week before Abbey did. Normal matings, everything seemed to go well 3 weeks and then another week after that I had two bitches in at the vets getting desexed as both had closed pyo. First Abbey and then her Mum. Not everything is rosie so please be prepared
  13. Sway Is there any way Troy can pin this thread somewhere please. I was just about to try and find it when I see it is on today
  14. Babies for us yesterday 6th of January 2014. I decided to C section a bit early as Mum had been off food for two days and was not happy. Mum and bubs are doing well now. Last night was a bit busy. 4 boys and 2 girls.
  15. As above First and foremost the breeder of your baby should be raising the puppies on a good quality food. My two British Bulldogs have been eating Canidae All Life Stages now for about 7 months after a very gradual change from ProPlan Large Breed and our Great Dane Puppy was weaned on Canidae All Life Stages. 4 sources of protein and for me ticks all the right boxes. If you are going to feed another food(other than Canidae) then do feed a puppy formula until around 6 months old. After that make sure it is large breed This of course is my recommendation. My babies will be weaned and raised on Canidae Other people may differ in their opinions. Sometimes(and only sometimes) a breeder may not necessarily be feeding a good food(it does happen) which is then critical for a change. I would not raise a Bulldog on anything like Dog Pro, Supercoat or the likes
  16. Thanks Persephone We only have a portable aircon and we have set that up in our room, so all she is doing is going out to the toilet and making a beeline straight back to the room. She is doing OK with the heat as such and loves her cool coats. My big Bulldog also makes tracks to be down there too! They are so funny. And then we have our Great Dane who also thinks he should be under the aircon as well. I guess I may be overly concerned. Am sure she will be fine.
  17. Thanks Christina. No she hasn't had any previous issues and I just wanted to see whether anyone else has supplemented. It is very hot. She had a good night last night so was a bit more settled and today she has actually had a bit more energy. Her weight is good(for a Bulldog :-) Gone off her food today but that's cause we need to get some more bbq chicken :laugh: (she had the last of it yesterday)
  18. My girl is due next week. She is rather huge and is very lethargic(who wouldn't be in this heat) She is eating 4 to 5 meals a day and still has a good appetite but just wondering if she would benefit from some Glucodin for the next few days to increase her energy levels. I have it handy for her for after babies have arrived but has anyone given it before hand. Do you think I need to bother? She has always been a bitch that hasn't liked much exercise but I make sure she goes for a walk around the yard. Just looking for some suggestions please. We have only ever used Glucose after they have whelped.
  19. Its just not worth the risk really. I know of someone who continually feeds their dogs chocolate. One day it may bite them in the bum Hope the little one recovers well
  20. I know of breeders who feed raw and breeders who feed kibble only and then some who combine a bit of both. What you need to understand is that if you are going to feed both then realise that the dog will digest these at different rates. I do not recommend feeding chicken frames to Bulldogs. I don't recommend feeding bones or rawhide chews as a treat. If you want to feed chicken necks then please make sure the necks are crushed and NOT whole. Ask advice on this from someone who owns Bulldogs and feeds chicken necks. Do not feed cooked bones of any kind. Royal Canin is a good reputable food. Proplan Adult is a good food. My Bulldogs are now fed Canidae All Life Stages as it ticked all the boxes for proteins and nutrients. I do not feed raw of any kind but my dogs do get canned fish, yoghurt, cooked chicken meat, cheese. If the food you are feeding ticks all the nutrient boxes then you should not have to supplement a diet in any way. Understanding of course that raw diets (in my opinion) may not fulfil all the diet requirements needed for a growing puppy. A good quality kibble will be. Puppy folds and wrinkles can require a daily or more often twice weekly routine if needed. One of the best creams I recommend if needed is Sudocream, available for your supermarket in the baby isle. This is a zinc cream. If the puppy has a good tail which does not require a cream then that is great. Some screw tails do need attention and making sure this is done right from the start and is always checked should mean that the puppy may not have any on going issues. So long as the tail is not actually inverted is also important. Facial wrinkles can get the same sudocream. Many staining that appears on a Bulldogs face can be caused by a few conditions. Generally it is a yeast condition. Water and diet do have an effect as well as the immune system. Usually if a dog has facial staining they may also be prone to getting wet eczema between their toes. If this occurs in my furkids I apply an athletes foot powder(once again this is zinc) My dogs don't visit the vet often. Having owned Bulldogs for many years I do have an extensive doggy care kit for almost all possible emergencies or just treatments when necessary.
  21. So I don't have a rod up my bum then? Cool. I was worried. :D Happy New Year!
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