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England - Dog Groomer Fatally Injures Dog With Dryer

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How horrible, drop you dog off to be groomed and then that

No way should that woman be allowed to groom again but the sad thing is there is nothing to stop her or to make her warn other clients about what happened

RIP poor Trudie

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I'm a groomer and I just don't understand how this could happen. I only cage dry my OWN dogs while I stand next to them with the other in the bath as a "final touch" once I've done the bulk n then they still have water and dryer is on low being check every minute or so with a quick turn of my head and a feel. It's mainly a keep them warm kind of thing while paws n legs r still a lil damp. I would imagine this would happen with a HV dryer on full heat and blast not being moved for only go knows how long. Aus dryers must be weak coz THAT kind of damage would be hard to do in a 20 minute period (after bath n per groom!!!!) I honestly don't know of a dog dryer that would have enough power or heat to do that kind of damage???? Wtf were they using to dry the dog with a human hair dryer at close range!!!!!

That poor poor dog and owner. The pics of that dog show it must have been a very much loved family member and so much more to her mummy then a pet. My heart breaks For that woman.

If that's what they can do with a dryer that groomer should never be aloud to pick up a set of clippers again!!!!!!

Edited coz of damn auto correct making me say HIV dryer!!!!!

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