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Meet Diesel, the Kelpie cross - formerly Yard 12 at DAS. He's a bit of a spunk :) We're just temp caring for him until he makes his big journey to Melbourne to his foster carer but he's gorgeous




Here he is keeping me company as I make salted caramel blondies :)




No idea what his other mix is - maybe rottie? He has a very, very soft mouth - takes treats very gently. Very friendly with humans, very well-behaved around other dogs. Just a very nice temperament all round - untrained, but shows a lot of potential.

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I would say he is Kelpie x GSD, he is not unlike our Rogan who passed away 6 weeks ago after battling osteosarcoma.

He looks gorgeous..... I am surprised he didn't get local interest.

I'm so sorry to hear about Rogan :'( It's very hard to say goodbye to our dogs when they are such dear family members

Diesel's gorgeous. I'm also surprised he didn't get any local interest. He's completely untrained and very boisterous but he has a beautiful temperament - zero aggro towards humans, totally fine with our two dogs - very very soft mouth when taking treats and very eager to please. He has a very beautiful nature and every time he manages to catch your eye - he gives you a huge goofy grin. He is totally ball mad which is hilarious.


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Awwww - he's gorgeous! :) We said goodbye to Diesel today :cry: I really hope he ends up with a wonderful home. I thought temp caring would be easier than fostering but at least with fostering I get a say in the dog's forever home. With temp caring, I just send him off to his next foster carer and then, no idea where ...

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This is Frida the wee border collie puppy who arrived at our place on Saturday evening for a couple of weeks of foster care.



Elbie and Hoover are bemused but are being very patient - although they do tell her off when she gets a bit pushy


More about pictures and videos of her at the foster blog here. She seems to be doing well and I like how smart and cheeky she is. She will definitely keep her new owners on their toes!

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Wern't you taking a break KTB? ;) Gorgeous puppy :)

Yes! There were to be No new fosters till the new year!!! Rationale

1. Apparently the Gujarati New Year starts in October :p

2. This was an emergency ... Yes, we are suckers.

:laugh: I was a sucker too when I fostered. After each dog I'd say...no I need a break and then another sad greyhound face would appear on the door step and I would *sigh* ooooo-k then. :)

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