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Mrs Rusty Bucket

Adelaide Random Meetups

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Hi all

Couldn't post in the old meet up thread (ouch)

So starting a new one.

Post in this thread links to any new threads you might want to set up for any events or you can post in this one.

These are the current things I know about. These are all dog on lead (except for the actual lure chase run) so we should be able to make it work.

Henley Beach Dog Day out Oct 7th


Bark in Rymill Park Oct 20th


Lure coursing if we ever get organised - tho it's more a winter thing.


(read from beginning until you get the locations and skip to the end for updates).

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I'll have to see if I can come along with Bella to one of the two, will have to check the diary. It's about time she attended her first DOL meet up. :) 'Bark in the Park' especially sounds good fun.

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