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Temporary "desexing"

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The best idea would be to speak with a vet, methinks ?

One who 'does' a lot of whelping too.

Agreed with this.

I imagine any old vet wouldnt know too much about this as its not too common.

Hmmm..way back in a previous life, we had enquiries from folks going on holidays , or shows ..and , yes, the vet prescribed a hormone which, as soon as it was stopped , let the bitch come into season - so not suitable for this situation. ..as he just wants her to NOT cycle for 12 mths or so ....

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Have a look at superlorin off label use in bitches.

Not without risks, and she may come into season within a few days of the initial dose (but at least he then just keeps her locked away for a similar break as he would if she were speyed) but still an option.

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