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Just after reassurance

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Hi all, haven't posted for a long time but there has been some tragedy in my dog life:(

But moving forward I just want reassurance, that my dog is ok.

I leave her home alone 3-4 times a week up to 13hrs:(. (Generally the 13hrs is only twice a week) I however always walk her 5km (with a weight vest to intensify the walk) before I leave, and supply her with chew toys and things to rip up, such as egg cartons with a treat inside or plastic bottles with a couple of cat biscuits inside.

On days I have more time, we go for longer walks, (walked every day without fail) flirt pole training and spring pole training.

She is locked in the house as she would be stolen if left outside. Low social economic area and she is a pure pit.

She has been by herself for nearly three months since the tragedy and seems fine with it.

I feel she is better off than most dogs, but a few people have made me feel guilty.

She is fit and healthy and doesn't seem to have any separation issues. She has the run of the house (with two cats) and can sunbathe in the sunroom or watch things going on outside.

Any tips of chew toys would be great, she has a kong, Kong wobbler, rawhide chews (I know not great but they last longer), frozen carrots, plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls with treats and a box of other toys.


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You'll get reassurance from me! taking in the commute - I am away from home between 11 and 13 hours (work business depending). 


Some have tried to make me feel bad for that but I say f*** them. Times and urban environments have changed. It's not always practical for me to be home as much as might be done in the past. How would I afford all the dog things we do do, if I cut back the hours that pay for them?

I play with them in the morning, I exercise them at night. We train and do brain games. We dabble in sports. Saturday's are my dedicated dog adventure day (+ cleaning and grooming) and Sundays are obedience to make them happy little socially adjusted Vegemites. And of course, the all important cuddle times. 


When Thistle was solo dog she did great with the Aussie home alone toy. It's great for tugging and knocking about. I don't use it much now cause of the puppy and food resource guarding. 


Many types of kong toys that roll around, "tuff dog toys" etc. thistle loves recycling boxes for me. I'd leave one of those out and shed tear it to tiny pieces. 


Rest of the time is sleeping. Oh boy do they sleep when I'm not there. Good off switch is invaluable. 


Does dog seem happy and healthy, however unconventional your routine? Then it's working out for you. 

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Sounds ok to me.


My only concern would be 13 hours without a loo break? That's a long time.   It's possible you have that covered, 

I used a dog walker (& later hubby was able to get home for his lunch break & a play & a wee). Which helped ease my mind. 

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My dog is left alone 11 hours a day on work days and I work full time. 

I walk her a few times a week and play games/do tricks with her. 


She's lazy as and is quite happy with this. Soon a life change will mean she has a lot less alone time which is wondeful and I'm really pleased about, but her current situation is just fine for her. 

All dogs are individuals - many wouldn't cope with the life your dog or my dog leads - but if our dogs cope, are happy, are not showing any signs of distress or behavioural issues then no one has any right to judge. 

People will also make assumptions based on breed or perceived breed i.e "Pit Bulls are high energy working dogs" but again, all dogs are individuals. Some are high energy, some are lazy. Sounds like your dog has a lovely life and copes well with being alone when she is. 

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Have you tried those tuff balls that hang from the ceiling on a bungy cord. Saw them at dog show yesterday

Mine won't tug alone but do play with toys. Specially food puzzles or stuffables.

Some muscle dogs like those balls a lot?


Regardless sounds like you are doing good for your dog.

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