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Adventures with your dog?

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I have recently returned home from a 7942km road trip with my husky Ronin. I took him to the snow for the first time and to meet his whole family that he hadn't seen since he was just over 8 weeks old. 


Here is a little vid of the highlight of the adventure. What fun adventures have you taken your dog on? 



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3 minutes ago, Dame Danny's Darling said:

WOW!!  So beautiful, Yonjuro.  The difference in their sizes is really marked, isn’t it.   Ronin looks his usual exuberant self, with Willow a little bit more laid back.  

Thanks DDD - yeah the boys are usually bigger and Ronin is a big boy anyway. 


3 minutes ago, SmokeyR67 said:

What a beautiful way to spend time with your mates!

Thanks Smokey, it really was awesome :-) 


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4 minutes ago, SmokeyR67 said:

When the doubters say that dogs don't smile, your images are evidence that they're wrong:)

Definitely - they can have a sense of humour too. I see this all the time, Ronin is super cheeky with my daughter and his dog friends. 

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I love seeing videos like the ones in this thread :) 


I haven't taken the dogs on any big adventures for a while, got some planned soon though! :) 


Finn's first time at the beach, it was on leash only. Spent most of the time teaching him waves aren't scary, he had a blast!



And last year I filmed the daily walk I go on with my doggos... just a leisurely walk, but it's nice :) 



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23 hours ago, Dame Danny's Darling said:

Oh my goodness.  That was absolutely brilliant.  Your little cream dog is so agile  :eek:.    To my shame, I would be a total wreck LOL.   

She says the bush is her natural habitat. She is incredibly light on her feet. The rougher the terrain, the more of her dust we all get to eat. I got her to be my trail running pal, and she LOVES trail running. She seems to think 6-7km/hr is the ideal speed to explore at. 

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