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20 hours ago, Roova said:

Not sure how Aussie a Nanna nap in the middle of the day is? 

Very, in my family!! Mum & my grandpa always  had an after lunch 'rest' , esp in the heat of the day . love the shot of the legs on couch .....

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Blue the Duck disappeared, and thought she had been taken by the same fox that caught a few of them on the dam some weeks ago.  Yesterday she appeared from the crawl-space under the house leading ten ducklings, no more than a day old.  The bloody drake killed one, just attacked them to get at the duck - Muscovy drakes can be nice, but not this one, he is a right bully.  So now there are nine, tucked up with their mum in a safe pen away from foxes, hawks and domestic violence duck fashion.  Cute as: didn't really need another lot of little time-wasters.






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12 & 13 due from me.


12. Just 'cause mum leaves you somewhere for a nap,  doesn't mean you have to sleep. You can wriggle over to your dog toy & play too.




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