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So good to see George back (and you Scottsmum).



Bunny of the Day - waiting for the rain




Another white Moon in a blue sky, 2 days ago





Driving home last night, missed the lightning bolts, still a spectacular sky to see









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Ahhhh..the beauty that is Australia . 
well, today , I have had enough of the beauty ..and the heat, and the dry , and the dust , and .....    :cry:    

photo just taken of our house . 

Image may contain: sky, tree, mountain, outdoor and nature

Some bits I may love again tomorrow . 

like a lonely little wahlenbergia ( I think)  amongst redgum seed pods , on the riverbank .

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor

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Lost track of the days for a bit, it got a bit busy here also with the things we really don't want in our lives.  Decided tripping into the new year doesn't matter what's a few days anyway.  I think this was Boxing Day morning, something 5.00am just before light.



A newish silver moon with sunrise just behind it.







First light behind the silo, moon and stars losing their grip.





Harry is now more of a sweet little sheep than a lamb, but a long way from independent.







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