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Hi Everyone!


I just thought I'd introduce myself and my pack since we are new here!
My Name is Caity and I'm 21 years old, I have 2 beautiful boys and I'm about to get my third!


I Have:

Merlin the 3 year old Australian Shepherd 

Spirit the 2 year old Finnish Lapphund

& Remy the newest addition who is a Papillon!


I have been showing Spirit in the Neuter ring for awhile now and Remy might be joining us in the ring! I haven't shown Toys before! It's very new to me!

We are also big on our obedience as I currently teach puppy school and have to live up to those standards! :laugh:

We have also lust earnt our trick dog champion titles!


I take my dogs with my everywhere, one thing we love is camping and hiking!

Althought Spirit broke his elbow at 8 months old so he has to miss out on the hiking part :(


I hope to get lots of useful info from these forums! :)


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Hi and welcome to Dol.   What beautiful dogs you have, especially love Remys little face. :love:

You'll find lots of good people and advice on here, pretty sure there is an Aussie Shepherd and other breed threads here too.  Enjoy.  :D


Here are the links to the breed threads in case you want to check them out.




Spitz Breeds



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