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Westminster Agility Papillon (aka faster than a speeding bullet)

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They really are the most amazing little dogs.    We had a local version here in Oz - I remember seeing him in Victoria about 11 years ago.     Agility Champion all heights .. when you had to have wins so beating the top 500 and 600 and 400 dogs on the same course.   Super handler and super dog .. he was known as "the Pap on crack"!!     

They can do really well in Tracking and Track and Search too .. amazing when to get their Tracking Ch they have had to track for 1200 metres through bush, up hill and down dale.  

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Who has seen the Ozzy Man's revamp of this video on You Tube with his own crazy commentary added? I DID splurk my coffee! :laugh:
Not at all disrespectful (for a change LOL) but so funny as it is commentary by someone who freely admits they have zero knowledge of agility or  indeed any dog sport.

If you've seen the original Best in Show movie it reminded me very much of the clueless and drunk commentator in that movie.

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