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I have a new kelpie puppy arriving in 2 weeks and i want to follow an entire course if possible.


I trained my current kelpie myself, using smart and dumb tactics. He is amazing and so well behaved, no bad habits and can go anywhere. But I really want to just focus on smart this time, but i want to follow something proven to be effective.


What is the best online/dvd type training to learn all of the key elements of well behaved, intelligent active dog.

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I like fenzi dog sports academy - their next “semester” of courses open next week. It’s got a huge variety of options (multiple sports, behaviour, grooming etc) all ranging from beginner basics to technical specifics. All taught by a variety of qualified professionals. 

inbetween courses (they go for 6 weeks or so) they have webinars (2 hour lessons) and mini courses (go for a week). 



sign ups open for next semester on May 22 for a 1 June start


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I love Ivan Balabanov’s Possession Games. My dog has very little drive, and while it’s still a struggle with him, there is a noticeable difference. He also has Chase and Catch, which I utilise more. He was here in Perth at the end of last year, and it was brilliant. 



I hope he comes back next year when I have my Malinois :D

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