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Looking for a companion for my Sheltie

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We have an 8yo Sheltie girl who we bought about a year ago from a wonderful breeder on here. She has settled in really well but we notice that whenever she's in the company of other dogs, she immediately gravitates towards any Shelties there. We're starting to wonder if she needs a doggy companion, probably another Sheltie would be best.


I keep looking for any puppies or older dogs for sale on this site, and I'm a member of the NSW Sheltie group and the Canberra Sheltie group, but none have become available. So I thought I'd ask directly on the forums here in case there were any other avenues I could take to find one. I would go back to the breeder that we got our girl from but I believe that the last Sheltie she had for sale has been sold.


So can anyone help? We're in the ACT but willing to travel (within current restrictions).

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I would still contact the breeder you got your girl from.  I got my last breeder rehome by making contact.  She was going to keep the dog that I now have but decided she would have a better life with me when she learnt of my situation.

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:) Hi .... That's a lovely thought , BUT , do YOU want/need another dog ? Extra vet fees/grooming/food/walking/boarding concerns /possible behaviour problems with two dogs , where one will be fine ... 
Dogs will often gravitate toward same breed/sized dogs , especially if they have come from the sort of setting your girl has - it doesn't really mean they want to share their new territory every time ...esp with a same-sex dog.
Just some things to think on :)

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Persephone, we'd be totally fine with another dog :-) ... up til a few years ago (2015/6), we actually had three dogs, two of which were rescue dogs. Then we lost all of them to old age - two with two months of each other and another a couple of years later.


Our last Sheltie was a rescue dog - at least we rescued him when he was advertised for free on gumtree. I hate to think what would have happened to him (bait dog for starters?) to him if we didn't respond so quickly. And to think he was a retired champion show dog too ...... 

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HI DuffyMum :)
I'm in a similar situation with our Toby. Our previous Cav, Miah ( who Toby was very close to)  left us suddenly  and very sadly a few months ago. It is hard especially this year finding a suitable dog/puppy anywhere. 
Do approach the breeder of your Sheltie, sometimes they have contacts also. 
I wish you all the best in finding a new companion for your dog and for you and your family :heart: 

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