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Official press release, (always been working towards the extinction of our pets.)


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We have long tried to expose the facade of the 
 claims of "merely seeking reform of racing" and despite years and years of denials CPR have now openly declared their hand, saying racing is "beyond redemption" and they want "this industry to come to an end". Which was really never in doubt for anyone who has closely followed their decade of false and made-up claims.

Today they teamed up with 

 for a ridiculous protest at Flemington. But look past the tacky street theatre and at what the association with PETA means, which is even more concerning for genuine animal lovers.

Just last week PETA Australia representatives conducted a bizarre interview on radio 3AW where they openly called for the end of any breeding of thoroughbreds, and also for the end of all breeding of any domestic animals, such as dogs or cats, beyond this generation - resulting in their ultimate extinction.

Share this far and wide, because this is the agenda of these animal activist groups and the general public need to be aware.

Animal rights groups are pushing for animal extinction, not animal welfare. The fact that their "protest" consists of five people looking ridiculous standing on an empty street just goes to show how hopelessly out of touch they are.

Remember to use #LoveTheHorse #YupToTheCup hashtags when commenting on social media about horse racing on Cup Day. You can still be an animal lover and enjoy horse racing and the views of these activists groups are extremist.

3AW Interview: https://www.3aw.com.au/animal-activists-again-urge.../ 









This has been the agenda since the 1980's but the ANKC members took it up as their mantra without ever thinking through where did "we must eliminate" came from.


If my vet is right,.He believes it is already too late to save the ANKC gene pool, so many breeds remaining gene pool are already too low without opening the stud book to appendix animals which are going to come from where?








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some more new legislation being pushed to add more pressure to those who still breed,  more will decide to give up and less will want to become a target.  so agenda still on track

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