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This year sucks


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Well, this year sucks on so many levels for so many people, but we lost 2 of our dogs this year.

Bruno was 13, standard poodle. He was suffering from Addison's disease for last couple of years. While the therapy worked and he was fine, he was also getting old, he had problems with hearing and his eyesight as well. In March he just went to sleep and never woke up. He was an amazing person and we miss him dearly.

Then in July, Benji, our 9 years old mini poodle somehow managed to get through the fence into a neighbouring backyard where he was attacked by 2 huskies (we are still not sure how he did it). He died on his way to the vet. That was a huge shock from which we didn't quite recover yet.

We have a 10 month old mini poodle girl with us, but we miss our boys terribly. And we'll miss them forever.



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That is really tough and very sad, @felix.  To go through such extremes as having Bruno just passing in his sleep to having Benji die in an attack, is very hard to cope with.  Such gorgeous looking boys.  

Although, in the final analysis, we are alone in our grieving, most of this forum’s members have experienced great, sudden and sometimes violent loss and so can empathise with you very deeply and understand your huge loss.  

:heart:   :heart:

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