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Starting up a dog grooming business

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As a dog groomer im going to just say it our worst clients are Hair dressers for knots  & the likes .

The mobile dogwash world is very competitive .
So research the area you want to cover .
Understand the council rules for parking your vehicle & trailer on the road ,verge also factor in the noise that your dryers will make in areas & with the council 
Look at the local area as to how easy it will be to park,reverse & the vehicle you plan to use 
What is your plan for rescheduling in extreme heat & winter storms Ie Your daily schedule at some times off the year will have to be very flexible .
Will your trailer or van be air con set up or using the wheel out & in bath option .
Many mobile dog washes are having to drastically review there prices with the petrol costs so if your area has a few DIY bath options that are cheaper people do use them .

A number off grooming salons offer bath only so factor that into your research .

If your on your local Facebook community groups pay attention to Dog wash posts 

What are your animal handling skills like .Keep in mind dogs dont just walk in the bath that often it comes with drama,tantrums,nervous,snappy so safety set up a must whether in trailer or just in a bath wheeled out on front lawn 
Will you be a big or small dog person ?

Dog grooming means your a dog groomer ,mobile dogwash is exactly that just wash some do nails etc etc so decide also what services you can offer or not offer 
Are you capable off getting a stubborn dont want a bath dog in ?
Do you have back /shoulder issues as this job is hardwork on the body .

It can also be a great career BUT its not easy ,its not always fun having awesome animal handling skills goes a long way for your own safety  & doing hands on courses on how to bath correctly ,when to say no to a coat so matted bathing will cause even more issues underneath .
Its not an easy career bathing or grooming & you del with alot of dogs with behavioural issues,challenges & no life skills taught what so ever 

Do your area research wisely some have winter jobs to make up for the lower income .

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As a long time professional groomer I would discourage anyone from starting up mobile grooming, too many risks and not many benefits.

if you are really keen to become a groomer the best option is to find an experienced groomer to train and mentor you, I have seen way too many people do courses and come out with no idea how to actually handle the dogs which is a recipe for disaster.

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