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Dog Attacks Horse In Centennial Park Sydney-


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1 hour ago, PossumCorner said:

Doesn't matter about the horse's colour, journalist probably just asked for a handful of photos and picked the ones that fitted the alloted page/column space best.  Just an example of you can never believe what you read in the papers (or news internet).


Our early riding days were less parks and more bush.  Dogs weren't on leads or with owners, they'd be running sometimes packs for kangaroos (or more likely sheep). So no willing sympathetic helpers around.  One trick is to pull a stirrup iron off the saddle and swing the iron on it's leather, sounds harsh these days but it's no joke being attacked by dog while riding and no apology I'd rather have had the dog disabled than the horse or rider or both.  Times change.


MY BOY could cut dogs as fast as he could cut cattle. he would wait till they came running up behind him thinking they could grab him from behind, then he would spin and land with forefeet either side of the stunned dog and teeth snapping in its face..........  few came back for seconds.................  he even loved to cut wild rabbits!   I kid you not.  staying on as he ran, sat, spun, ran, sat spun with his head this low is harder than being on a rollercoaster 





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