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Anyone experienced taking their dog up to Sydney for radiation treatment?


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(Please feel free to direct me to a more appropriate forum section.)

I need to take my dog up to Homebush in Sydney for radiation treatment for her cancer.  From Oct 31 to Nov 6.
It's a nightmare trying to find an AirBnB place nearby (pet friendly) because AirBnB let you specify a suburb and then pay it no attention, giving you results around 100km across.

I'm wondering if someone here has an experience of a place - or knows someone who has gone through the same exercise?
Or if you can suggest a way that I can find pet-frendly accommodation there.
Thanks in advance ... or more correctly .. Thanks in desperation.    Sigh.


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I have given one of my dogs radiation for Osteosarcoma.  I live in Sydney so I didn't have accomodation problems.  Can you board the dog at the vets where he is having the radiation?


Otherwise I would ring the vet clinic (which I am assuming is ARH) and ask the vet nurses if they know of any pet friendly accomodation nearby.


My  dog had his radiation done at the Gladesville Vet Clinic in Gladesville Sydney.  

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You could literally stay in any suburb in Sydney. It really depends on how much traffic you want to sit in during the way there and back. There is always traffic in Sydney but it is at its heaviest during the times that people are going to and from work and school. 

For example, Parramatta is a stones throw from Homebush, and I would expect a 20-40 minute trip to Homebush depending on traffic.  

You could even stay out as far away as Penrith and it would take you anywhere from 50 minutes - 1.5 hours to get to Homebush, traffic dependant. The M4 motorway, which is 80-100km speed limited all the way goes from Penrith to beyond Homebush. It can move very slow during peak times though and you will pay tolls. 

In Sydney, those driving times are normal and expected. 

It’s really what you will accept as a reasonable travel time. Commuters do it daily for work. You’re only going to do it for a week or so. 

My advice is to consider properties further afield and prepare for the travel times. Take a look at Google maps and you’ll see the surrounding burbs and those which connect via major roads. 

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Perhaps try Stayz in stead of airbnb ... it seems to allow to filter for pet friendly ... I tried entering Homebush and got nothing but "inner west Sydney" picked up a bunch.


If you have a car, inner west is not far..


All the best for your pup.

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