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  1. Thats a worry - i have two syntec leashes with the brass clips thay have not let me down in years of use (also powerfuls dogs) i notice they now seem to use stainless steel fittings - they used to make a point of saying how good the brass ines were ... interesting . do we still have someone from k9pro here? I have always had good cs from them.
  2. Try putting a piece of that rubber no slip matierial under it .. i find that helps to prevent the seat protector (back seat buddy in my case) from sliding about so much.
  3. Pack does say made in Australia - they have a .au website and petshop is saying made in australia. I saw the UK site too - they don't seem to list the dry food as a product. Real Petfoods own the brand here and an Asian group bought Real Petfoods late last year ... My guys certainly like it -
  4. I think this brand might be newish? I've been feeding Blackhawk for quite a while so haven't been looking at other brands. My girl has gotten a bit bored with the Blackhawk so thought I'd try a new food to see if she'd like something else. The PetO staff member was pushing the Billy + Margo and I grabbed a small bag to try it out. Looking for analysis and feeding info on their website found nothing at all so I'm reduced to holding the bag under a strong light and peering at the tiny print - reading that the food is "Crafted in Australia" makes me gag a little but anyhoo. Anyone tried this food? Thoughts? (bag images in following post)
  5. Awful situation. Sounds like you are doing the right things - vet etc. Can you double fence the area that people and other dogs are likely to approach?
  6. Some of them are very good at doing it on the run .. made me very glad I was wearing a snowsuit owned by the tour operator ...
  7. what a lovely tribute. Hugs to you all.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/oct/12/italian-woman-sick-pay-leave-time-off-look-after-ill-dog
  9. Added direct (non-facebook) links to interviews - The Project Interview (video) https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/the-project/extra/season-9/nelly-and-her-dogs and another (this one is text not video) Interview on ABC site
  10. Malamute rescue story on TV. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1465911956808519&id=114486931951035
  11. Perhaps you could fly with her and let Sis bring the van over.
  12. Firstly - your house, your rules - I'd probably say no also - too many unknowns. A rental property is a big investment and pets are a risk you can control to a large extent. Re yard size - We are have owned 5 akitas. City property with a yard not much bigger than the one described. (maybe 30% I suppose but still smaller than many people feel is needed for "a large dog" ). They have all been couch potatoes who don't self exercise. More like a malamute than a husky (I have fostered both, huskies never again :-) The one akita we had from a puppy was never destructive. One was a talented climber which is why we got her - she never escaped from our yard. Only one has been a serious barker - long-coat bitch who is just a more highly strung sort of dog than the current boy who is very laid back. IMO - The quoted yard size alone is not enough to disqualify an akita as a suitable dog - they can live in apartments with the right owner and exercise regime - and do in some parts of the world. They do require a savvy owner as despite the couch potato behaviour they will remind you very quickly that they are dogs, and hunting dogs at that. (We have had to take a couple of very prized ratty trophies from them recently) That puppy akita was my first dog (as an adult) and my partners first dog ever - it can go bad but we had an good supportive breeder and a very well bred puppy.
  13. i've found a few threads on the various preventives and there seems to be mixed opinions on DOL re the internal treatments - trouble is that advantix does't seem to be working for fleas anymore. My akitas have been on ivermectin for heartworm for ages with no side effects and are pretty healthy. Much as i don't much like the idea of the long lasting internal treatments, I think I might have to go that way. Any current thoughts? (i'm aware of the internet hysterics - take those with some salt) Also - given the still warm weather - what is the current tick risk on the south coast of nsw? (Shoalhaven). - unexpectedly spending some time there ....(here ..)
  14. Footnote to the issue with my harness - the manufacturer has sent me a replacement halter. I was expecting just the 'restraint' part but they sent the whole thing. Good customer service, happy with their response.
  15. Sporn central has confirmed that the construction of the clip per my photos is normal (ie not an obviously faulty join) And they will replace it for me if I want. (customer service is good - although I would prefer 'lifetime guarantee' to mean "unbreakable" rather than "will replace if/when it breaks", unrealistic I know)
  16. I imagine most reading this forum are using quality gear so failures are hopefully rare. I've been using a Sporn original harness on my 35kg dog while we work on her lack of self control when seeing other dogs in the street - think energizer bunny on steroids. Yesterday during an encounter with an off-lead dog - thankfully a friendly one - one of the clips on the harness failed. Luckily the other one held and I was able to switch to the martingale collar while the other owner continued to attempt to catch his (cute, fast and totally not-under-effective-control dog). K9Pro used to have a page about leash selection which explained the weakness in die cast chrome plated snaps. It's still findable by searching but the pictures are no longer available. This snap failed in exactly the way he described. http://www.k9protraining.com.au/selecting-the-right-leash-for-your-dog/ I have friends who use these harnesses extensively on much larger dogs than mine although perhaps more for steady pulling behaviour rather than the sharp stresses of bouncing that my girl does (she is getting better but when a worthy playmate turns up right under your nose, what's a girl to do?) My regular leads are K9Pro leather and syntec The leather leads are well over 10 years old and never a problem. I use Rogz martingale collars with the chain insert, also without any issue. What kind of failures have you had in equipment if any? (None, ever, would make me feed more confident in just replacing the part)
  17. paws-patas have basic accommodation on site and take lots of overseas volunteers - I've often thought I'd like to spend a couple weeks there and help with the dogs while improving my Spanish.
  18. In theory it would be great for me when travelling to the bush shack with just the dogs and needing to pick up something, although I have enough trouble subjecting myself to Bunnings, I wouldn't do it to my dogs. ..... perhaps they could put a few kennels out the front under cover for customers .... like a dog locker .... not entirely kidding.
  19. Many years ago my akita girl went down a wombat hole,, disappeared and was followed by my boy. I grabbed his hips before he disappeared and dragged him back.. Waited .... Scrabble,scrabble and out she came head first - uninjured - i hope this story has a happy ending too.
  20. 24 degrees - double coated breed. I try and avoid the early evenings on hot days as even if the ambient temp has dropped the pavement and concrete walls tend to radiate a lot of heat down where the dog is.
  21. I dont normally read his column but of course i read that one ... Tears before breakfast...
  22. Glad i didnt see this thread until today - would have ruined the suspenese last night when it was broadcast here :-) We both had tears at the end of the act it was very sweet - i have no probs with the stuntdog - stuntpeople dont tend to get star billing so why should a dog be different.
  23. I am indeed - it is a disqualifying fault in the show ring afaik but I had wanted one for years and she turned up in rescue at the right time for her and for us and her short coated "brother". They are also known as Moku akitas. No didn't have pricked ears. Had very fluffy folded down ears. Quite big ears. Ah sorry, missed the ear description.
  24. Or one of these? http://aedmapper.com/dogs/long-coated-akita/ My girl looks similar to this one - 35kg and a bit shorter than most femaile akitas around.
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