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Conjunctivitis in dog, best treatment? Red Eye above Iris


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Conjunctivitis in dog, best treatment? Red Eye above Iris
Red right eye - red (sclera I think-white part above iris) when you lift top eyelid. I have had prior dogs have this. Nothing scratched as far as I know. Doubt allergies.
Been treating her with a med I have had around for this, unexpired but for prior dog.
 BNP ointment  - Neomycin, Polymyxin B and Bacitracin Zinc. On day 7 today-still a little red but much better. But not disappearing yet, tomorrow is day 8.
 In my limited experience with prior dogs it was usually gone by now.
Is this BNP good to use for conjunctivitis  or would BNP+H (Hydrocortisone) be better or perhaps even  Tobramycin?
Lets assume not viral, allergies and not a scratch.
Try longer treatment with BNP, try BNP+H??????
Supplement also with an oral antibiotic like Ciprofloxacin pills (she is 44 lbs)?
I called vet today but no appts until later later next week. May need to find another vet but hate to switch.
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