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Leaving 14 week old puppy home alone in the daytime

dee lee

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Unfortunately I have to head back into the office this week and I'm a bit stuck on what to do with Dolly, our fast growing Ridgeback psycho puppy. 
It's for only a couple of days a week and I can be flexible enough so that, worst case, she will only be home alone for 4 hours until one of my daughters comes home. 

At first she seemed to be ok chilling outside while I have been working from home so I thought that was a solution, but then she discovered the joys of gardening, and with the door locked has been whining and barking so that's not an option.That also makes me concerned about leaving her locked in the kitchen- I'm not convinced she wont get up to some unexpected destruction. She's a force of nature!
So I guess I'm left with the option of her crate.
She's doing great overnight and will happily go in there at nighttime with no issues, but will only take naps in the daytime. Putting her in there before she's sleepy and keeping her in there after she wakes, she will throw a full tanty- Kongs etc dont interest he much. She is an easily overstimulated puppy, who I really struggle to get to focus. 
Any suggestions as to what I can do to help her chill out in there for longer than a nap?

I wish I had more time to work on this, but my boss is being a pain about me going back in NOW.  

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I agree the day crating is not ideal.

When I posted this topic, we were going through the aftermath of poor Dolly having been hospitalised/sedated at the vet twice in one week (first scheduled, other not). She was acting out quite a bit, but has calmed significantly now (sedation seems to affect her like an ADHD child!) so I’m swinging back to the yard again. 
We’ve accepted the possibility of her landscaping even after some puppy proofing, so I’ll just try and get her used to being alone out there. 

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We all have our preference for certain breeds  and unfortunalty  some of them get bored , and dig , bark , or get anxious  ,  for  nearly 40 years  i solved this problem  by  always owning 2 dogs  , just basicly worked on the fact they need company too  , ,  we don't work now so ony have one dog ,  cameras   throughout the house and all around the house , tell me  that  he does'nt mind being on his own  , i look on the cameras while i'm out , rarely see him walking about , he's usually curled up  asleep somewhere ,  mind you he's not a big boisterous  ridgeback , ,  i think really  what Rebanne said  would be my answer ,, digging pit ,  backyard . with a marrow bone ,    you will probably have a few barking sessions till he gets used to it ,

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