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  1. Dog Bath Options

    Love my Barf Hydrobath, previously had a hydrobath Australia hydrobath, but rinse tank just wasn't big enough to rinse a full coated Border Collie.
  2. Cooked, liver, heart, cheese, one of mine goes nuts over pieces of carrot!
  3. Raw Roo?

    Never had an issue with roo, my cats and dogs all love it.
  4. Ud Articles

    Try an engineering shop, just need a lathe.
  5. Plush puppy do nice slicker brushes, I use a medium one on my border collies, does a great job of removing undercoat.
  6. Just watch with using Pantene, you will have a build up of silicon.
  7. First of the month is heartwvorm tablet day! Easy as!
  8. Dimmitrol Heartworm Tabs

    Have you had your dogs tested for the MDR1 gene? If not you may be worrying for nothing. My Border Collies have been on Interceptor/Milbemax for 20 years with no problems but BCs are far less likely to have the MDR1 gene that Collies who need to be tested. We all used to use dimmitrol for many years before the monthly tablets came out. They do work but you have to be very careful not to miss one.
  9. Sadly I don't think any of the places you have mentioned will allow dogs, also you will have to check which beaches are dog friendly.
  10. Have both Geib and Wahl, have been pleased with the results from both. As Mystiqview says, ears, croup, rear leg feathering and on some dogs have thinned out tails too.
  11. What's wrong with sticking it straight down the dogs neck? :D
  12. Sadly. Next time might just be the last time for her, can you imagine the rage that dog is going to be building up inside when he is behind the gate and can hear her telling the other dog off? Open the gate lady and I will kill you
  13. How Many Have You Kept?

    Have kept two with no problems.
  14. Tick Warning Seq Areas

    I have used a hair dryer on cold air only, start at the dogs head, slowly go all over the dog slowly the air parts the long hair and you can see right down to the skin, really good for long haired dogs, doesn't take long either. :)
  15. Livamol For Black Coats?

    In my opinion the Mars Coat King and the Furminator are to harsh for use on a Border Collies coat, have used the colour stuff and didn't notice a difference.