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  1. Please post photos if you want help for her so we can share them!
  2. I've got mine for Newcastle - can't wait
  3. Here's hoping that your good heart has at least brought to the owners attention some behavioural problems that they will now work with themselves..
  4. You still have the option... you've stated more good reasons then bad ones about keeping her
  5. Hi Inspired 1.. Firstly,as a BC Rescuer I say good on you for giving this girl a chance From what I've read I'm guessing this girl has never actually run with other dogs freely, only on a lead walking in a park situation etc. When you arrived at their house with your boy it does sound more of a territorial behaviour which she's continuing with at your boy still. BCs never forget a threat! This escalated by the fact she is now seperated from her pack (old owners) scared in a strange place with more dogs that she's interpreting as 'more threats'.. I think your best approach now is to give her a space of her own for a little bit - a seperate run outside of a day or if necessary a crate like Jules said- where she can observe the goings on in your home without being under any pressure to fit the mould just yet... I have had many troubled rescued BCs come into my care displaying the same basic behaviour and after a few days like this you will see a difference in her, it is then up to you to judge whether she has shown enough progress for you to feel comfortable enough with her to continue your efforts. Where do you live?
  6. And to think for them to name him Wags, he once must have been such a happy dog..
  7. Well I for 1 didn't so I'll be sharing that info right away!!! Thanks Cin!!
  8. We very rarely have under 12 dogs here at a time... we own 7 altogether - 2 x greyhounds, 4 x BCs & our Cattle girl + 5 cats & a Corella + 3 kids.. Then on top I currently have 4 foster dogs too.. We are on half acre and live close to a great secluded off leash area that few know to visit I am fortunate to receive fresh chicken mince from a local distributor for my foster pups but I supply all the adult meat + biscuits, bones & weekly liver treats.. I've never added it all up how much it all costs because whats the point - it has to be donebecause we chose to do it, so we do it & LOVE IT!!!
  9. It could simply be acts of dominance.. even though he may act calm & somewhat submissive around other dogs during play (I'm presuming this as there is no mention of him retaliating) he may still display 'entire attitude' in some way when he greets them making them want to test him..
  10. And whenever he is with his sons on his show I feel you can see evidence of that being true just in the way his sons look & listen to him..
  11. Would love to stop & reply but too busy packing for the airport!! Ooops better remember the spray tan kit!! :D
  12. Very, very sad.. irregardless of what the facts may be.
  13. The loyalty of a Bluey never ceases to amaze me...brilliant breed!
  14. As an owner of 5 cats my secret is acrylic nails... saying no more
  15. We saved our girl Polly and am currently fostering a gorgeous blue boy called 'Joop'.. we have a local track here in Newcastle and since taking Polly in do whhat we can to help others..
  16. During a discussion once on the possibility of reincarnation, I was told that your family unit remains but you don't necessarily return again as a person, instead you may be a dog or cat etc but you will continue to evolve around each other.. with this thought in mind, perhaps they were meant to cross together - I'd like to think that was the reason.
  17. I too have endured too many, each one being as hard as the very first, yet, I totally agree that it should be broadcast on TV..perhaps then the truth of the situation may be realised... It is a common felt idea that people should have to have a licence to own an animal, I feel before being allowed to own one everyone should have to do a few hours volunteer work at their local shelter first - some 'may' then think twice about disposing of them like an old toy when they're over playing with them..
  18. Perhaps I can offer a little bit of helpful info here... 'Baycox' we use it in Rescue for young pups -especially those with unknown histories.. Dose rate for puppies is 20mg/kg so a 4kg pup -80mg dose =1.6ml 10kg pup -200mg = 4ml
  19. Ooops my OH reminded me that I forgot to mention how our Cattle girl tries to show our cats they are no cleverer then her...
  20. We have 6 dogs +5 cats (+3 kids) and am proud to say all live happily together! We also have foster pups/dogs/kittens... The best accomplishment in regards to our successful unity would be our ex-racing Greyhound Polly learning to befriend one of our cats when she was a new kitten...
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