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  1. I for one have been busy on Facebook, shaking my head at this nutter who has 1500 dog leads!! :laugh: (just joking..... :D ) I rarely get on here these days. Not for any part of the forum. So many people from here are on Facey, which is a much more user-friendly format for keeping in touch. I've been busy with work of course, and with the dogs and everything else. Little Luna has grown up so fast. She's the same height as Tarni already and looks almost identical. Besides being a bit lighter in colour, I can hardly tell them apart. Can't wait to get some good photos of her and I shall post some here when I do. I wish now I'd taken lots of photos, as from the time she was about 12 weeks to now, I have taken none! We went to Macey's Bistro last week and was pretty disappointed. No real reason, just unimpressed. Went to the new Bistro at Rafferty's yesterday and it was disgraceful. We ordered as soon as we got there and the kids meals were delivered within about 15 minutes, but then the meals for Chantel, Jess and myself were nearly 2 HOURS later! Jemma was in tears from boredom and tiredness, Jasmine curled up on the floor and had a sleep, and Jacob just listened to music on my phone before he did his nut! What's more, the meals were only average.... nice, but just Bistro food and not worth wasting a whole afternoon for! There is a kids room there, but it's not much, and was so packed with kids many simply avoided it. So, where do people recommend going for a Sunday lunch these days? I have heard Flying Horse is ok, but pricey, which is a factor with a family of six. Any thoughts????
  2. GABBA I agree with most here. I have worked in clinics on and off for many years as both a Groomer and a Nurse. I remember having a laugh with a Vet who was fresh out of Uni. She was earning 38k after all those years of study. I was earning around 45K clipping and bathing dogs. More money, much fewer hours, and with a LOT less stress! In MY experience, the only Veterinarians who are seriously in the cash, are the owners of large and busy practices. But then you have to weigh up the stress and dramas of running a business on top of your responsibilities as a Vet. I think anyone doing the job for fortune or fame, wouldn't last long.....
  3. I am always on the watch for Swimmer Pups in a small litter..... much more likely.
  4. Found this listed today on a local Facebook page. I know there is a lot of hype going around about dog thefts, and many claims would certainly be false, but if the Police are taking it seriously it's worth us taking it seriously too, just to be sure. "WARNING Apparently someone tried to steal a dog in Warrnambool last night, the police are sure it was someone from a dog fighting ring. The dogs owner heard his dog barking and went outside to investigate, he saw someone getting over his fence but couldn't catch them, they also injured his dog, prob cause it went them ........ Shame it didnt tear 'em to bits" I felt a bit uneasy reading it, as last night, late, soon after all our lights were out, Tarni and Luna were going bananas outside, down the side of the house near the gate and took a long time to settle..... they were very upset. Never seen either of them like this. Just hope there was no-one hanging around my place too. The girls sleep inside but we leave a door open for them as Luna can't get through the night without a wee. :)
  5. MUP, there is a lot of this talk going around Facebook at the moment, and according to that, you are right with your first suggestion.... It appears that dog thieves are 'marking' suitable homes/dogs with ribbons placed inconspicuously on trees/gates etc on the premises. Then, others are coming by and taking the dog/s. It seems to be rife in Ballarat Victoria at the moment, with many people 'losing' their dogs and later discovering the ribbons or other markers, indicating the dogs were stolen.
  6. I did read that on FB RP, but what do we do if we see it? Ring the Police? Get a REGO number? If it was headed to W'bool yesterday, it would be in a paddock already by now.... I gather the owners know who stole it, so it shouldn't be too hard to track down. Hope they find it!!
  7. There are a couple of dogs I recognize in todays The Standard.....
  8. That's great, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. There is an egg factory here (Millroy's) which have hens available for rescue 365 days a year. They sell them for about $2 each. Obviously there would be many (hundreds?) of similar 'farms'....
  9. Just ONE Vizsla entry, and that's my Baby Puppy..... hardly worth the 4 hour drive, me thinks. Might try to get their just for the practice...
  10. They don't send you a catalogue, you just get a ticket or a stamp saying you've ordered one. You can collect it on the day from the secretary's tent. :)
  11. She's ok now. Developed a good case of tonsillitis and didn't eat a thing for 3 or 4 days. She lost a lot of weight in that time and we were at the point where we were contemplating her being hospitalized and going on a drip. Luckily she picked up very suddenly and is back to her old self again. Problem is she was not in good enough condition to show at Colac this weekend which sucks, as a Vizsla went on to win Baby In Group both days!!! Og well.... thems the breaks.
  12. Does anyone know when the Chiro will next be at the Greyhound rooms???
  13. Nothing would surprise me. That jacket is looking a little skimpy on him... Knowing the RSPCA they killed him to replace him with a dog offering a better fit!
  14. No numbers here either and I only live an hour away from the Secretary! Not that it matters now, as my pup has been ill, lost weight and not worth taking along... Will try to get along for a look. Good luck to all entered!!
  15. Haven't received my Colac numbers here either.
  16. Luna(tic) has her first shows this weekend at Colac. Doesn't look like I'm going to get there but Donna James is picking her up and taking her for the weekend. I'm glad to not be at the end of the lead actually..... Luna is a complete nutter!!! Bit sad to be missing her first show/s though.... Best Baby In Show perhaps??? Best baby she may be, but I could have killed her this morning.... Got up at 6:30 to find she's pulled the bin over and there was rubbish strewn throughout most of the house. If she wins a ribbon I shall use it to tie her paws together at night time.
  17. No-one gets in here much these days do they. That's a lovely photo Barb... I'm guessing 85mm at 1000 iso??? :p
  18. Same here. I haven't Nursed for some years, but in each clinic I have worked at the policy was the same.... you did NOT leave your post!
  19. Toto I just sent you a link to our recent experiences with a pup with very severe Swimmer Syndrome. It might help, or at least give you some ideas. We had 100% success from a pup that seemed like a lost cause....
  20. I agree with this. I always worry that new owners may not be in a position to give their new pup the best of care should an incident occur, and asking for reduced price on this and reduced price on that, it would indeed concern me that you can't afford the dog. Even if you were just "comparing prices"..... you chose a pup from THAT breeder and from THAT litter because THAT is exactly what you want, and if it's $50, $100 or even $500 dearer than some other pups in the breed it shouldn't matter.... you are getting exactly what you want. And to add, if figures such as these ARE a problem, then maybe you can't afford the puppy...
  21. Love this 'out take'. Check out the face on Tarni! :laugh:
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