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  1. So it's not going to discourage 'selective breeding' at all. If the 'pretty' ones win, this will become the focus, above and beyond health and temperament.
  2. It sounds as though she's very young???? I wouldn't sell to anyone without the arrangement happening through the parents.... I agree with what others have said: return her deposit asap. I'm sure you still have contact details for other applicants who you were happy with?
  3. I was very disappointed with my 'usual' pet carrier the last time I used them. I will definately give Wayne a crack next time around! :)
  4. Just thought I'd pop in with a quick pic of my new baby.... Meet "Luna" (Jerojath Rosebrook) now 17 Days old. :) Woody (Jerojath Rokewood) looks on...
  5. My girl has her own chair in the lounge room. This is where she goes to bed, but most mornings we find her snoring on one of the kids beds! We have e new puppy still in a whelping box ATM, we're going to have to buy her her own chair soon.
  6. I'm afraid I've never heard of Les Ricketts, and I get the impression I should know who Lyn Ricketts is???
  7. I need to not be a computer-looser!!! :laugh: You also need me, the grammar nazi to bite you lol..... Computer-loser..... Oops! You wouldn't know I was a straight-A English student would ya???
  8. Oh, Thanks tlc.... you're a STAR!!! I did read you were still unwell.... you've had a bad run lately. Hope you are soon on the mend. :) Glad you've got your Mum around. Edited to add: You can see by the photo at top how far apart the pups were born. Richie is all dry and fluffy while Luna is still wet. There was about 3 hours between them. Richie was breach, and quite big, and had to be assisted out. After 90 mins there was no sign of progress on the second pup, yet I could feel a second in there, still up very high. I rang our Vet and got him around for his oppinion and he could also feel what he thought was a second pup, up high, and nothing was progressing as it should. So, we gave her a shot of Oxytocin to speed things up a bit and sure enough, within 20 mins we had feet in view (another breach birth!) and again with a bit of help, we whelped Luna. Both pups are steaming along.... Richie has gained 80g in the last 24 hours, and Luna has gained 120g. There's only about 10g between them now. :)
  9. I need to not be a computer-looser!!! :laugh:
  10. Thanks RJ :) She started showing 'signs' on Sunday morning so I stayed home. By midday she was back to her old self so I could have gone after all. Jess woke me up Monday morning saying Tarni was under her bed, trying to 'dig' so I knew then it was all systems go! Does anyone here know how to upload pics??? Feel free to rip a few off my FB page and post them here for me! I'm sure tlc would know how if no-one else did... (hint!)
  11. Thank you! :) Hopefully these will work.... Damn it! Hate putting pics on DOL..... never works.
  12. Hi all! Tarni has had her litter. They whelped yesterday (Monday) at the very convenient time of mid-afternoon. :) She's so thoughtful! :laugh: We suspected a very small litter (which actually suited us!) but were a little surprised to have only two! We welcomed into the world Richie (Jerojath Richmond) and Luna (Jerojath Rosebrook). Both were very large newborns, very healthy and perfect. :) Luna will stay on here with us while Richie has a family who have been waiting nearly two years for him. They are very excited and can't wait to come and visit him. I'm having a lot of trouble posting pics here I'm afraid, but there are a couple on my FB page. :) I have to say, I am already enjoying having such a small litter.... everything is easier and more enjoyable. Less time cleaning and supplementing feeds etc means more time for cuddles. The kids are very excited.... we have been 'waiting' for Luna for a couple of years since this litter/she was first planned. They got to watch her birth too, which makes it extra special. Tarni is once again proving to be a great Mother, although she is a LOT more relaxed with them this time around.... possibly just because it is such a small litter, or maybe just because she's done it all before. I'm really planning to spend a lot of time with these two.... The last litter was at a time when I was too busy to enjoy them, and Chantel got lumped with almost all their care and socializing requirements. She did a great job, and enjoys doing it, but I felt I missed out on a lot. Looking forward already to getting Luna (aka "Lunatic!") out to Killarney for a run. :)
  13. Congratulations JAJ..... just found your post! Beautiful!!! We are done and dusted here today after delivering a very healthy Dog weighing 480g and a beautiful Bitch weighing 443g. We were hoping for a nice Bitch from the litter, so let's hope she is everything we have wished for. :)
  14. Even less tomorrow, I think only 25 in Grp 7. That's pretty poor entry. I 'heard' that some local exhibitors are showing in Melbourne this weekend. Would have been nice if they had supported their local Kennel Club and Show. That is unfair, how do you know they didn't help out in the form of donations or help during the year ? Just because a show is in your back yard doesn't mean you have to enter. I'm not talking about monetary donations, I'm talking about entry numbers. Many regional Clubs are struggling for numbers, so I figure if you DO show, why would you travel hundreds of kilometers rather than enter (and support) your local show???
  15. Even less tomorrow, I think only 25 in Grp 7. That's pretty poor entry. I 'heard' that some local exhibitors are showing in Melbourne this weekend. Would have been nice if they had supported their local Kennel Club and Show.
  16. Bugger. Was hoping you might be feeling better by now.
  17. I reckon they would be done & dusted by 3 or 4 each day.
  18. Warrnambool Kennel Club Championship Show is happening today in town, with the Lady Bay Kennel Club Championship Show on tomorrow, in case anyone wanted to get down for a look. :)
  19. They are beutiful, Alpha bet! Congratulations! :) Looks like it's just you and me now, JAJ. I see we are expecting on the same date, but I reckon we're going to go late, here. We have had a few complications with my girl trying to go early last Friday, been supplementing her with Progesterone and keeping check on fetal heart rates. C section booked for tomorrow as not likely for labour to progress naturally now. How is your girl going? Not even looking like slowing down yet! Hope all goes well with the caesar today. :)
  20. I do this too. I allow them one mating per day from the time she is receptive, until such time as one of them has lost interest. I've never had it fail. I do know of owners of stud dogs that only ever allow one mating. Once he's done his bit, there is no coming back again for seconds. I certainly don't agree with this but there are plenty that operate like this.
  21. They are beutiful, Alpha bet! Congratulations! :) Looks like it's just you and me now, JAJ. I see we are expecting on the same date, but I reckon we're going to go late, here.
  22. Thanks Jess..... I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Bowie looks fantastic. Hope he stacks-up in the agility ring. Great to hear there are lots of puppies coming through the agility arena..... it would have to be the fastest growing canine sport I should think. Barb the litter is due on Australia Day, but I reckon we'll go well after that. Sorry to hear you are crook again. Hope you get to enjoy SOME of your time off! As for me, well I'm just hanging-out for school to resume. Back to a normal home-life and normal retail trade! :laugh: ETA - Jasmine (our 3rd) starts school next week. I just can't believe it; even though she's older than Jemma she's still like my baby! She's so little that we can't find any uniform to fit her.... they all start at size 4 and she's swimming in them! Chantel's been flat out trying to 'modify' her dresses, pants, shirts etc. I will have to post a pic of her first day. :) 3 down, 1 to go!!
  23. So is that it? Just FOUR of us with January litters??? This is proving to be the shortest "Litters Due In ......." thread ever! :laugh:
  24. I'd love to go and catch-up with everyone (it's been a long time!) but I have a litter due that evening (27th) so I'd best hang about at home. I am hoping to sneak out on the Sunday to watch a bit of the judging of Grp 3. Who did you have join you for dinner last time, BB?
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