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  1. Quite frankly I think you need a new chiro - what bullshit !!!!
  2. Me too. Bloody dogs.. I'd have to go down the shops for another packet... and lock it away. Mine have eaten a lot worse before now. Socks, toys ... Once in the time it took me to unload my shopping out of the car, one of my girls once ate an entire bbq off the kitchen bench. Didn't know whether to be angry or terrified (or both), but it didn't do her any harm thank god.
  3. Nothing major and certainly nothing like poor Mandela. She just doesn't seem to be moving properly on her back leg and the judge commented that she looked sore the other week. As I'm new to Perth and all my "regulars" are in Sydney, I went to a chiro that someone recommended and that seemed to fix the problem but then noticed that she's a bit "stiff" again so asked at my local vet for alternatives. They recommended a local bowen person who specialises in horses and pets so off we went with an open mind. She manipulated (if you can call it that) her for about 1/2 hour and said the treatment would continue to work for a couple of days as it stimulates the healing system. We shall see, but she definately seems to be moving better unless its my imagination. I was showing both days this weekend, but I might drop the Saturday to rest her and just show on the Sunday (well it is mothers day) and I will make my final assessment then.
  4. Melbourne Vet - Southern Animal Referral Centre ETA: Rijbiz .... I don't know which way I'm going just yet. Charles is my first port of call and much depends on what he says as to what I do. Thanks, was curious as I have had on and off problems with Cleo. I have just got home from our first ever Bowen Treatment and I am really pleased with the results so far.
  5. So sorry to hear he's still not well - such a worry. Hate to sound ignorant, but as I'm not from that part of the world - is Charles a vet, chiro or bowen person? Just curious as to which way you are going.
  6. I always keep a "Domoso" roll on in my box which you can get from Saddlerys (used for horses and dogs) - contains anti-inflamatory and pain killing ingredients and shouldn't affect the tummy like tablets. I've seen it work wonders on Cleo. http://www.horsesuppliesdirect.com.au/prod489.htm
  7. We don't use dog parks but this is mainly because we have never lived near one. I currently walk Cleo down the trails near our house but always on a lead, mainly because being a hound I can't guarantee her recall! If another dog approaches either on or off lead and it appears friendly I will let her "say hello" before continuing but there is no play and if a dog gives me any cause for concern we just keep walking with a "watch" command so her focus is on me. We've taken the dogs to the dog beach once, our old guy was off lead and never left our side but we walked Cleo for around an hour up and down before finally letting her off. Then hubby stood some distance away and jumped up and down like an idiot calling her until she raced over to him. Soon as she got there lots of praise and then I jumped up and down like an idiot and called her back. We did this for around 5 minutes with her running back and forth and in circles around us, but never once did she go to investigate one of the many other dogs on the beach. After 5 minutes we put her back on the lead with lots of praise - always finish on a good note All our training is through positive reinforcement.
  8. My old boy has the cartophen injections every 3 months, but I must admit since giving him Glucosamine powder (human formula 1tspn sprinkled on his food morning and night) together with a fish oil capsule daily I have seen a huge difference.
  9. If you check the Eagle Pack web site it will give a list of stockists and you can check for one close to you. My stockist doesn't keep it on the shelf, but orders it in for me when I give him a call. Fantastic.. Thank-you rijbiz.. Welcome
  10. I had one girl who I never had to do her nails - they either filed themselves or just did not grow (except the dew claws of course), yet another of my girls had the longest nails no matter what surface she was on - I'm sure they grew over night. I dremelled them every week and they were will always long and I could never really get "on top of it".
  11. If you check the Eagle Pack web site it will give a list of stockists and you can check for one close to you. My stockist doesn't keep it on the shelf, but orders it in for me when I give him a call.
  12. I do mine once a week, once a fortnight at the most. That way I keep on top of them all the time
  13. You could try buying vitamin E oil from the chemist. I have used it in the past (but more because I was trying to avoid any scarring) and find it works really well. I know some people use paw paw ointment which you can buy from Woolworths.
  14. I feed Eagle Pack and my dogs love it but saying that they are big boofy hounds and I cannot remember them ever refusing any food whatsoever I did try and talk my mum iinto feeding it to her Border Terrier and gave her some to try ... but the little madam wouldn't touch it
  15. Thanks Rebanne, I will have to look at the other dogs at the Hound Club this weekend. And yes I call it the skirt too
  16. I know I sound really really dumb :rolleyes: but .... Do you just trim the whiskers or cut them off all together and should I be doing this??? And as a greyhound is short coated how do you trim the skirt?? Sorry but you've really got me intriged and I'm wondering whether I should be doing something similar with my girl
  17. Cody was stung by a wasp a few months ago and we gave him Clarintyne and ice. Always keep some human antihistamins in my doggy first aid box.
  18. I've always used Peter Schofield and he is great. He is at Berkshire Park but well worth the drive. His mobile is 0411-353-130
  19. Mine is actually a dedicated "pet dremel" so just comes with two drums and instructions. Althouh I love it, in hindsight I would have been better off buying a standard cordless dremel and then being able to use it for other things when required.
  20. I tried various cheap imitation dremels from Bunnings, but in the end went for the real deal :rolleyes: I bought mine of the internet, searched pet dremel and there was a tool store in Australia that sold them. They are currently on special for about $35 (about half the price I paid) Don't really know if the "pet" dremel is any better than any other dremel (have heard a lot of people use the golf one), it basically comes with just the two size drums (small dog & big dog), whereas if you buy a standard dremel you can use the other attachments around the house.
  21. Was reading about this on another thread and it seems a few DOLers have bought it and it is useless. Saying that I don't use nail trimmers on my dogs but a pet dremel - dogs dont mind the noise (they actually fall asleep) and it is so quick and easy. People often comment on how nice my dogs nails look
  22. At my local vets there is a clinic cat and clinic dog that both donate blood.
  23. Hi, after trying various cheap dremel imitations from Bunnings etc, I eventually invested in a Pet Dremel through Ebay America (didn't do them on the Aussie Ebay at that time - don't know about now). It cost me about $70 aus around 2 years ago and it is brilliant. I was worried the batteries would run out too fast to begin with, but they seem to last well. I just do "maintenance" on my guys nails now every other week. Takes about 5 minutes per dog. Initially they were worried about the noise, but just took it slowly and now they don't bother at all.
  24. I give my girl Vitamin B1 after my dog physio suggested it. I buy the Betamin brand from the chemist as it is hell of a lot cheaper than most.
  25. My girl tends to be a bit the same way and it makes me so nervous. I was buying the big marrow bones sawn in half (long ways) and then tie them all up and give them the bones. But .... I only let them have them for 30 minutes before taking them away and binning them. I know its a bit of a waste, but I figure 30 minutes is long enough to clean their teeth but not long enough to get them to swallowing size Last week though I did buy the lamb brisket bones, but found the best policy was to come inside and not watch - much better for my nerves as they always seem to cope anyway, regardless of whether I stand over them worrying.
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