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  1. Here is some more information on the anti dog-meat campaign.
  2. Apparently a horse trainer has been charged.
  3. This disease, which started in the USA, seems to now be spreading thru the UK. Hopefully it can be kept out of Australia. The worrying thing is that the cause appears to be unknown.
  4. I think it would be a case of 'Caveat emptor' vs 'Caveat venditor: My link
  5. I'm fairly sure there is still a lot of sled dog racing. I also seem to remember an incident in the US where 100 huskies were either shot or had their throats slit after a sled dog tourism business went bust. As for the Queensland incident, while it might have been legal to shoot the dogs, at least dumping their carcases in a nature reserve should be treated as a severe case of littering, given the health hazards from the rotting carcases.
  6. I use a brand of 'waterproof' boot called ''Hi-Tec'' when walking the dog since I need to insert orthotics into them. Unfortunately they are fairly pricey and I find that after a year, leaks start to develop, although I think that will be the same with all boots. If it is actually raining I use a pair of K-Mart gumboots instead.
  7. Typical of legislators to sneak in extra stuff that has nothing to do with breeding.
  8. If the federal government gets its way with its proposed medical research fund (funded from our doctor visits) maybe more unwanted greys will go to research institutions.
  9. Having watched the 4 Corners episode, 3 questions came to mind: 1. If the investigation is to be focussed the greyhound industry, are the low lifes that actually trap and supply the bait animals going to get off scot free? 2. I imagine the piglets were wild caught? Are their litter mates being used to blood pig hunting pups? 3. How are the revelations going to affect the willingness of people to adopt retired greyhounds - given the hysteria about the risk to children every time a dog mauls a cat or another dog?
  10. I am in total agreement. I am presently with Guide Dogs Pet Insurance - which is PetPlan (Allianz) by another name. My present dog is the first one I have ever insured. (Previously while I was working, I had taken the risk of major expenses out of my own pocket). Last month my premiums jumped from $600 to $900 per year. Coincidentally I found the letter they had sent me advising of the new premiums last week while I was cleaning up for Christmas. (I had put it in my to-do bin because I wanted to read the new policy document and forgot about it). Having now read the new 'Covered 4 Life' policy booklet I find it no easier to understand. The policy booklet has gone from 30 pages of fine print under the previous policy to 35 pages of even smaller print, with all sorts of breed-specific and other exclusions. It almost seems like anything you claim they can try wriggle out of it. e.g. they won't pay for any dental treatment unless you have specifically paid your vet for 'your pet to have a yearly dental examination'. In the past my vet has simply checked the teeth at annual vaccination time. The trouble with cancelling a policy is that you lose the premiums you have paid.
  11. Latest in the saga: Tethered dog was 'calm' and 'curious' before capsicum sprayed by police officer
  12. No. Some State dog legislations have a provision that a dog declared dangerous in another State is automatically dangerous in that State.
  13. At least they're only ashes, unlike poor Laika who died up there.
  14. This link may be of interest to DOLers in Canberra.
  15. Reminds me of a few weeks ago when I had to come to a dead stop on a local 80 km/h main road to avoid hitting a rat-sized dog that was running all over the road. As soon as I stopped it started running towards my car so I couldn't drive forward onto the verge without the risk of squashing it. Maybe I should have. BTW in Canada, the left lane is the fast lane.
  16. What are the risks of gastric torsion (twisted bowel) due to vigorous exercise after a meal?
  17. I seem to recall it was Marjorie Knoller's two Presas, Hera and Bane, that killed Diane Whipple in San Francisco 13 years ago which set off the present 'Dangerous Dog' hysteria.
  18. I'm glad your daughter is so well trained - unlike the young girl that got of of her mother's car on the off side and ran straight in front of my car - the sort of behaviour that necessitates those annoying 40 km/h speed limits around schools and school buses. Then there are young children that manage to drown themselves in backyard pools and farm dams - which is why we have to install expensive childproof fences and gates around our swimming pools - even if we don't have children. Then there was that young girl in central NSW who wandered off to her uncle's home to feed his hunting dogs and got mauled to death etc etc.
  19. Looking at the video, I'd say the cat took its cue from the mother, who was rushing toward her son. I think both the dog owner (neighbour) and the mother were negligent. The former for letting the dog get out while backing his car out of his driveway and the latter for letting a four-year old child play so close to a road where he could have been hit by a car let alone attacked by a stray dog. Too many young children have been killed be people backing cars out of driveways. My link
  20. Gee, I'd be reluctant to let my dog run free at a campsite, especially after dark and especially for a high activity breed like a BC. I think there's too much risk that the dog would take off after a roo or fox, pick up a 1080 bait or even get shot by a hunter like that unfortunate husky in Victoria (that was in daylight). You may want to consider getting your dog a GPS tracking collar if he/she is going to go out of sight after dark.
  21. Steve from K9 Pro was advertising a LED collar light recently but if you and the dog really want to stand out you should be looking online for a high visibility harness or vest preferably with reflective stripes for the dog and similar high vis clothing from an industrial workwear shop for yourself. Perhaps if you post in the General forum you might get more responses.
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