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  1. I had my boy done. I know the sire was Kelpie and the Dam was cross Border Collie and Australian Koolie. He came back predominantly Australian Kelpie & Australian Koolie with a smaller percentage Border Collie and a smaller percentage again of Tenterfield terrier. In my submission for the test I said I had no idea what he was and I didn't supply a photo. So pretty close I reckon.
  2. I had a GSD with a grade 3 Heamangiosarcoma in the rear leg. She had the leg amputated then went on chemo. 5 visits over 5 weeks. She had some side effects her nails fell out and all her whiskers fell out. She went into remission for 12 months but it came back in her lungs. She then went on a tablet chemo/ meloxicam protocol mon, wed, fri and meloxicam tues, thurs, sat. This would make her sick occasionally and she would have to have a weeks break. Sorry I cannot remember the names of the chemo used but she did okay on it.The doses for dogs are not like humans its all about quality of life for them. Good luck with your girl.
  3. Give Ian at Bondi Behaviourists a call. I'm sure he does group training in the eastern suburbs. I used him for anxiety and he was amazing, after trying 2 other big well known trainers in Sydney and had zero success.
  4. Sorry to hear your girl has passed. Fought a great battle against the unwinnable.
  5. So sorry your dog has this horrible cancer. I have lost 3 dogs to this cancer. The most recent my GSD at 5 yrs old 2 years ago. It was in the back leg a grade 3. We went to SASH and the wonderful vets gave us another 20 months with our girl. She was down too 3 legs but it came back in her lungs then her glands and her skin in areas. This cancer and osteosarcoma are the two worst , the only saving grace Hermangio is mostly painless. She had all the chemo and was well right up to the end but with nose bleeds and other issues we had to let her go. It still tears me apart and always will. Just love her and spoil her.
  6. I did go in depth with these specialist especially overseas and there opinion is and this is on there own studies with dogs with cancer especially that the younger they are desexed the more prone they are to get cancer and to get it at a younger age, especially Rottweilers with bone cancer. I spoke to probably 4 oncologist in Australia and two in Europe who were researching Haemangiosarcoma in GSD's specifically and 3 in the US and they all had the same advise that desexing to young is not beneficial to a dogs health both physically and mentally. My GSD was desexed at 6 months but that was not the cause of her cancer heamangio is believed to be a hereditary cancer and really attacks certain breeds Golden retrievers , GSD, Bernese Mountain dogs etc, etc. But it was bought up regulary in conversations with these experts about desexing early.
  7. I lost a GSD at 5 to Hemangiosarcomma which is not uncommon in the breed but not usually so young . While trying desperately trying to find a way to help her and speaking to some of the best animal oncologists both here and overseas the common thread was early desexing is not good for any dog. Unfortunately my girl lost her battle 18 months after the stage 3 tumour turning up in her back leg. Upon looking at getting another dog a female Cane Corso and talking again with the contacts i had made they pleaded with me to desex no earlier than 12 months, but preferably 18 months - 2 years.I had a issue as some breeders were desexing at 8 weeks. All these specialist vets here and overseas would not desex there own dogs before 12 months. Most were after there 2nd birthday. Anyway my girl got done at 13 months and she has a litter mate and she is totally different. . Her sister is very lanky and she was desexed at 5 months but my girl is solid a bit shorter but way thicker more to the breed standard. Bigger head etc. That was the selling point for me when these vets and they are specialists in oncology, internal medicine, joint experts etc from Australia, Europe and the states not your regular vet they would not desex there own animals so young.
  8. Give Ian from Bondi Behaviourist a call. Tried a few behaviourists/trainers around Sydney and he was the best for my girl by a mile.
  9. Out of the listed dogs you have there I have two of them. The Cane Corso is a amazing breed yes they are expensive but worth every cent. They are very loving, happy breed but they are territorial but not to the extent of an Anatolian or other livestock guardians. My girl is 45 kilos at 18 months and is so athletic and strong always willing to please and relatively smart, but not GSD or the like smart. She rarely barks only when someone is really close to the house and it is only a few deep growly barks and trust me no one would take her on even if she is a big sook. We also have a male Ridgeback, stubborn, protective not overly obedient and doesnt really care about anyone but himself and my wife. I would still get another but my next breed will be the Boerboel, as i find the Mastiffs type breeds just a great balance.
  10. You are in Sydney so you have access to some of the best oncologists in the world. I had my 5 yr old GSD diagnosed with a grade 3 haemangiosarcoma in the left hind leg. We had a 2 choices loose her in 2-3 months or amputate which we did and chemo and she lived happily for another 18 months. But obviously Grade 3 haemangio is in another league to grade 2 mast cell. Our girl never was sick with chemo the only side effect was she lost her whiskers and her nails fell out ( which was a first apparently). She was amazing on 3 legs but our vet and surgeon did all the checks ct scan to check it wasnt the secondary which it wasnt checked all her joints etc. It was the second hardest decision of my life (1st was letting her go just on 1 year ago) to do the surgery but they assured me she would be fine and she was, but amputation may not be necassary.My normal vet said it was impossible to get margins and amputation wouldnt do it. Sash surgeons looked over her tests and came back with a definite yes to getting margins. These surgeons in the specialty centres are a cut above. We also went to all natural vet and got a diet and list of vitamins and she regulary had chiro and acupunture. My best advise is speak to your oncologist and go from there just go in with a open mind. and good luck
  11. Ive spoken to some specialist vets regarding this. And the oncologist I spoke to said they don't desex there females before 12 months they prefer 18 months as the health benefits way out way the headache of a dog in season. They all said the bigger the breed the longer you should wait. My Cane Corso girl just got done at 13 months and a litter mate who was desexed at 6 months is taller/leggier and leaner than our girl. I had a desexed male and he showed no interest at all he actually went no where near her.
  12. Im very considerate of cyclists as I cycle myself but I believe it has to go both ways. But he felt that me pulling him up on not warning me was wrong and I was a F wit. But my training has taught me to rationalise between a good person having a bad day and just a bad person. I did feel he was the latter but his kid was with him so I gave him the benefit and didn't react to his aggression. He actually said that I wanted a fight and I said no I don't and you are the one that keeps stopping and arguing. Anyway Im sure we will cross paths again. Off to training and will take it out on my training partner.
  13. I would of loved to have moved out of the way but it is right beside a busy road and it is the cyclist responsibility to warn people of their presence. I don't have eyes in the back of my head I looked around a minute before and no one was there as far as I could see. When I see them coming I move out of there way and get her to sit. It just makes me so angry when people are in the wrong and instead of saying sorry he calls me a name and nearly sends it out of control. If I mess up I put my hand up and say sorry.
  14. I thought so. He was just a tough guy. I said to him mate just warn people that you are coming past and maybe slow down a bit when passing. But for that I was called a F wit. Which made me see red and thank fully all my training kicked in and I simmered down and didn't escalate it and me ending up in gaol and his kid traumatised from seeing his dad get hurt. No more walking along there anymore.
  15. Hi Guys, A quick question. This morning out walking my dog along the Nepean river and there is a shared walking and bike path. I was walking along and all morning people were riding up behind me and either ringing the bell or letting me know they were coming through so I could pull my girl in close for not only her safety but there's as well. Until a bogan idiot decided he would just fly past me startling my dog and me and himself and his young kid nearly ended up on the ground. When I had a go at him it nearly ended up in a fight and lucky for him his child was with him and he eventually took my warnings to ride off. But he couldn't get through his head that he should be warning people as he is about to go past from behind them. Was I unreasonable to have a go at him?
  16. Would never leave. I couldn't live with myself if I wasn't there. They are family to me.
  17. Im so sorry to read this. Poor boy! One thing you can be sure of is Veronika would of left no stone unturned to try and help Toby, she is the best of the best
  18. If you don't already have a referral get one to either SASH or ARH. They have the specialists to deal with these problems.
  19. I had my Ridgeback done as he was having repeated issues. He had issues going for a while due to scar tissue but after a few months he was back to normal. At the time our GSD was fighting cancer and our oncologist said that getting them removed was the best thing as chronic anal gland infections has a high chance of becominng cancerous.
  20. I have a ridgeback and the most current model and the last model have had enough room.
  21. my ridgeback has had his removed. He had issues with going to the toilet for a month or so after the op due to scar tissue but 15 months post op he is much better. Also our oncologist that looked after my GSD said that removing them was the best thing we could of done as a percentage of cronic anal gland issues become cancerous.
  22. Great news he looks as happy as can be. I knew he would be fine. Just vindicates you made the right decision.
  23. I don't trust them. They do swallow an amount of the bone. What chemicals are they then swallowing? Only natural stuff for my dogs.
  24. Something I have learnt any lump straight to the vet to get it tested. If it is something sinister the sooner its gone the better.
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