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  1. Yeah ive asked on a couple of other cat forums but didn't know of that one! I will join and ask.
  2. I know it's not dog related but I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I have a customer who is looking for a Ukrainian Levkoy Cat and i said i would see if i can help put them in contact with a breeder. Does anyone know of any quality breeders in Australia?
  3. Yeah that was what i was thinking. Why would a cat owner all of a sudden decide to microchip and register their cats? As you said the responsible cat owners will or in a lot of cases already have. Are the shire rangers going to be given the task of collecting roaming cats to check for microchips and registration tags? I think it's a nice idea in theory and maybe a step in the right direction, however i don't see it being successful.
  4. Yeah i know some shires are introducing cat curfews and policing them but at the moment it's only a few shires doing it.
  5. http://www.petshop-online.com.au/?p=7032 New cat laws are going to be coming in effect in WA as of November this year. Thoughts?
  6. They look like they are having a blast!
  7. I haven't seen these before but they look pretty awesome!
  8. lol. The internet makes me laugh!!! Get rid of the iron. Also, maybe they should do a dog breed version of monopoly? There is a hundred other versions so why not!
  9. There are some seriously awesome comics on the oatmeal
  10. I think reporting the "incident" is reaaaaalllllly excessive. Since when is friendly debate, networking and small talk, even if at work, a no-no. Do i agree with the whole BYB issue, no. Do i agree with her stance on cross breeds as oppose to purebreeds, not really. But i don't really have any issue with asking the question, certainly not something i would want to get someone possible fired for! Also bear in mind when debating the whole purebreed vs cross breed issue that the majority of pure breed dogs were originally created by crossing different breeds to create desirable traits.
  11. So, out of curiosity, now that you know that Wanpy (for example) are irradiated on entry in the country (never used to be but recent deliveries have been), has that affected how you view the product? Sags To be honest, i don't know. I'm not overly happy about it and am doing some research into the irradiation, the possible health side effects etc. Until i have all the information i don't know what my view is. At the moment i am thinking i will probably phase those products out and replace them with an alternative that hasn't been through these processes. My dog loves them sooooooo much though!
  12. For a while now I've been noticing stickers on food items from overseas that say "Must not be fed to cats". Some of these items are things that have made me wonder why such as Dried chicken and duck jerky. This may explain a little about it! http://www.smh.com.au/national/catfood-irradiation-banned-as-pet-theory-proved-20090529-bq8h.html
  13. It's taken a while, but i have read and tried to absorb every post in this thread so far. I'm thinking it will be better to extend my idea a little and go through and research breed by breed, rather than a generic "ask these questions". Time to start doing some research and educate myself on all breeds! As mentioned above the majority of people dont understand "papers", "pure breed" etc. Actually it reminds me of a conversation i had with my step-brothers girlfriend a few weeks ago. She mentioned she was getting a pure breed Labradoodle from a show breeder. Maybe i am wrong but my response was, Labradoodle is a cross breed "designer dog" not a pure breed dog.
  14. Interesting that you think BYB is "worse" than buying from a pet shop, considering that's where most pet shops get their stock from Health checks is a valid question. Surely even dogs without HD or known genetic issues have vet checks before breeding etc? I guess the reason i like BYB's less than Pet Shops, is when dealing with a business there is always going to be a higher level of accountability should something go wrong. Whereas there is almost no accountability from the guy whose ad you answered in the classifieds who had these pups for sale. Also you take pets shops out of the equation BYB's still exist. You take BYB's out of the equation and you also make it a lot harder for the pet shops to source their puppies/kittens resulting in much fewer shops selling puppies.
  15. Hang on a minute what about the dogs that don't have any health checks or DNA testing available at this stage of time. I was asked for a hip dysplasia certificate because the the people had been told to ask for one. There was no way I could convince these purchasers that that there were none done for my breed. Where did they get this advise, from people on a dog list. :) Please advise to ask for health, DNA check where it is advisable for that breed. Don't forget that the more test's where applicable, on each generation, the greater the percentage of puppies MAY be clear by parentage over a period of time. Thats a good point, not all breeds are the same. Maybe i should research some breed specific Q's as well?
  16. We get a lot of emails from people asking us what questions they need to ask when they are buying a puppy. (note: we dont actually sell puppies in our shop...) So im compiling a list of questions that should be asked whether buying from a registered breeder, a pet shop, or worse, a byb. I figured i would consult the DOL community and see what we came up with? So, what are the must ask questions and why???
  17. They do but the Golden Retriever formula is only available as an adult formula not junior.....yet I would suggest either the Royal Canin Lab junior or the Advance Growth Lge Breed
  18. Try Online Pet Accessories: http://www.petshop-online.com.au/category189_1.htm
  19. The trouble is the majority of the petshops dont care where the puppies come from or who they sell them to as long as they make a good profit. And the people who buy them have no idea what a puppy farm is and are price driven impulse buyers.
  20. Dont list 'Comfortis' :-( Bugger. Also with the obnoxious sounds everywhere, it drive me nuts when websites do that Hahahha......yeah its driving me crazy as well! It was fun and novel at first, but we are now redesigning!!!
  21. Best in Perth is Del, no question. http://www.alertdogtraining.com.au/
  22. To me a "professional handler" is a person who is paid to handle dogs for others. In the USA its probably someone who does it full time for a living. Not sure that's possible here. I don't see it having anything to do directly with experience or wins but its unlikely you'd pay someone to handle for you if they weren't good at it. To me this pretty much sums it up. To be a "professional" at something i think it just means you make a living from it. You dont necessarily need to be qualified or even good at it i guess.
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