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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm in no rush, it would just be handy for something we are working on. Papillon Kisses, I'll keep an eye on that facebook page, in the meantime I might contact a few others.
  2. Just wondering if there is only one place in Australia to buy a Manners Minder? Google tells me that dogtrainingproducts.com.au sells them. They are currently out of stock and charge $40 postage to WA, and probably more when they find out where I live :D Clean run wants $240.00 for postage Anybody know of somewhere else that has them?
  3. I teach personal space to my dogs for risk aversion, nothing to do with dominance. In the past I've had dogs with no awareness that I have a cup of tea on the lounge and just jump up, lol. So all dogs are invited up, as well as waiting for a command to go through doors and gates. But there is no reason that those things can't be taught in a fun and positive way. On leash dogs must walk calmly beside me as it makes my walks much more enjoyable. Off leash and on long lines they can go nuts as long as the stay in range. I must admit that I'm not a fan of dogs begging for pets but that is just a personal thing. But once again this is taught in a positive, happy way. I have a dog that hates being pet on his side so I don't pet there, I don't see this as any different.
  4. ...who pays for the dogs in the pounds?...we can't expect that everything is free. If such an approach would work to relieve the pounds than it should obviously also free up some money there. The biggest part should be carried by the buyer - if he buys a dog from a recognized breeder now, this breeder has to consider this work into the sales price too. How would this work? Keeping in mind people don't follow current registration or microchipping laws. Think about current pound costs, which operate at the leanest that they can (some pounds still euthanize by the bullet), It isn't a priority in the community psyche.
  5. Who pays for all of this? This is hardly an issue that anybody wants to put money into. Considering they don't put any money into policing current regulations.
  6. No one is forcing anybody to desex their dogs. If you choose not to, you pay the higher rate of dog registration and it's not like it is exorbitant. And to be frank you could probably not pay your registration either, the only way you will likely get caught is if your dog is roaming. And in our town even registered dogs get fined. Irresponsible owners that let their dogs endlessly breed are probably not going to register them. Councils and governments aren't going to pour money into getting these laws enforced either. They only use them when you get caught.
  7. You aren't getting fined for having an entire bitch. People are getting discounts for desexing their dogs. Here it is $100 for a desexed dog for lifetime registration. Lifetime registration is also a discount to encourage more people to register their dogs.
  8. Gee by the last paragraph of her OP I took it to mean she knew it wasn't acceptable. Tough crowd on here.
  9. I do love the way dogs are welcomed in parts of Europe. Not so keen on the copious amounts of dog poop and random puddles of pee and the cocking of legs though (saw a dog cock its leg in a shop in Amsterdam and the owner let it finish and walked off!). Nice if there could be a balance of our way and their way.
  10. In my opinion people don't call her a real dog trainer as there isn't much evidence she is a dog trainer, not because of her training philosophy. I could be wrong but I haven't seen any of her dogs and the standard they are trained to, maybe I just haven't look hard enough.
  11. To me Stillwell and Milan aren't really dog trainers (even though that's what they call themselves). Both started off as something else and sort of just got into training. Stillwell was a dog walker while training as an actor and Milan was a dog groomer. Both just had good stories that made TV production companies pick them up. But both have at least raised the profile of needing to train and exercise dogs to help with bad behaviour. Stillwell is doing a series into police dogs, and is hoping to influence some to use more positive methods. I think this is why she has raised the ire of some of the anti positive brigade. In reality, there is a shift towards using different methods in police dog training, I hear the term 'balanced' a lot!
  12. And now with 20% off site wide, mmmm :laugh: ETA: that should be 10% sorry, I was wondering why my checkout wasn't calculating properly.
  13. I suppose like medicine it isn't an exact science :) He is on the weekly injections, she said that they have a good rate of recovery with that. We need two clear skin scrapings. Anyway on a bright note we are doing some great training at the vet clinic every week, they love him! And he is learning to ignore all the doggies and lay down and wait his turn :laugh:
  14. Thank you, I hope he can too, such a rough start, I feel like his innards must be getting nuked with all the chemicals. I have been toying with the idea of putting my dogs onto a wholly raw diet, so now seems like a good time! I did put him on a skin support supplement when I thought that he had ringworm, and that has a probiotic in it so I will keep that up.
  15. Just thought I would give an update as I hate it when I am searching and look through a thread and there is no ending :laugh: I stopped the daily washing with Malaseb and went to twice weekly with canestan cream on non washing days. Lots of washing!! He appeared to be getting better and then on about week 4 he got worse, lots of hair falling out. I took him back to the vet but saw a different one, she did another skin scrape, and by scrape I mean she took several large chunks out of him and the diagnosis was demodex mange I asked why the original vet gave me the diagnosis of ringworm (I was told he had a glowing patch on his head), of course this vet couldn't tell me. And of course, it is now generalised. He was on Nexguard already, which is apparently used from demodex anyway so now he has to go onto the weekly injections. Interestingly, for me anyway, they did a blood test checking for the 'collie' gene as he is a mixed breed which came back clear and he has had his first injection.
  16. Thanks guys, you have been way more informative than my vet! I can see the F10 spray online, I might get that to spray around between washing.
  17. Going up to get the laundry rinse today. Am definitely concerned about the daily washing with the Malaseb and I was given no indication of what I should be doing after the 10 days either. She said the only treatment was the Malaseb. She diagnosed with the light. It's day six of treatment with the Malaseb and day 3 with the Canasten and there is no signs of recovery yet, is this normal?
  18. Yes I thought it was harsh as well and did query it but the vet said it will be fine for the ten days. I have started him on omega oil blend to help battle the dryness. I have no idea if that will help but I can't see it hurting. It does make sense that maybe the damaged hair follicles are falling out with the treatment. Thank you. Yes he is getting foamed up nicely and then we do some gardening while he 'cooks' ????
  19. Thanks for that. I'll give it a go. Does ringworm go through a gets worse before it gets better stage? He has stopped scratching so much which I suppose is a good sign. The spots are getting more pronounced and more are appearing which concerns me.
  20. I don't frequent this forum much anymore but it was always very helpful to me and I hope it can be again :) I have a 7 month old mixed breed puppy with ringworm. The vet diagnosed him on Wednesday and said to wash him daily in Malaseb for 10 days. We are up to day 5 and he seems to be getting worse? More spots are appearing and his current ones seem to be getting darker and bigger. Is this normal? Also would it hurt to use Canestan as well? I already have some here. I am also washing his bedding everyday and putting it out in the sun to dry and vacuuming daily. Normally I would go back to the vet but they are closed until Wednesday and we don't have an emergency vet here.
  21. Sorry to hear about Dulcie I have also been touched by the lymphoma curse. We sadly had to put down our mastiff x at the age of five. She had been through 2 cruciate ligament operations only to find out on her last xray that she had swollen lymph nodes. We decided not pursue chemo due to the previous operations and she was now terrified of the vets, she survived another six months on prednisone. Our girl was eating and drinking fine at the end, we ended up putting her to sleep when she was regularly crying out in pain. We thought she may have been suffering cramp and limited her exercise but it didn't help, we tried a few different medications but they just ended up giving her some bad side effects. In the end we decided that we would give her her wings on our terms. And it has almost been a year now and I am glad that we didn't wait until it was so bad, she had a lovely last day, we took her for a long walk, she had a nice meaty bone, a steak, some maccas icecream, visited some friends and at the end of the day the vet came to our house and she went while she was surrounded by the ones who loved her at home. So glad that you are spoiling Dulcie and letting her have some great times, we did the same. We used to say we were working through Bella's bucket list those last six months. :D After being on such a strict regime with her ligament operations, we really enjoyed those carefree times with her!
  22. Before we got our hard floor camper trailer, we just took their trampoline beds. They pack down to almost nothing and easy to assemble.
  23. What gorgeous looking pups! Reckon both of them will be keeping you both on the go as the grow.
  24. korbin13


    Thanks Jed, I have joined and spent wasted a couple of hours going through the posts :laugh: Lots of adorable dogs, young and old but some of posts with health issues and behaviour problems, so as you say, good research. Edit: bad spelling
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