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  1. Moorabool Council - once only application fee plus yearly registrations
  2. Congratulations to you all for a job well done :) Kerry :)
  3. Hi Welcome back :)
  4. We have had a very textbook delivery today. 4 fawn boys & 1 fawn girl. The 5th caught us by surprise though as the ultrasound showed 3 definite and 1 maybe. Mum & puppies are all doing well. Kerry :)
  5. Wow, congratulations :)
  6. Pug puppies due 22nd December. 3 confirmed, maybe 1 or 2 more. Kerry :)
  7. Thanks :) just bought a couple of the large size. Kerry :)
  8. Thanks tlc. They are stunning dogs. I can't wait to see more photos. I really enjoy seeing how happy and bonded they are as a family. Kerry :)
  9. Gorgeous :) I love looking at photos of your beautiful dogs Tlc. Could you tell me which breed they are? Kerry :)
  10. Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl :)
  11. Yay :) following this thread with excitement & anticipation. Good luck. Kerry :)
  12. Hi I just googled "cordial 35% raspberry" & found Golden Circle have this percentage in their cordials. http://www.goldencircle.com.au/Products/Drinks/Cordial Kerry :)
  13. I have decided to stick with the Calendula tea and Aloe Vera gel. They are safe to take internally so I think he will be okay (if they get through the holes where the stitches are). He has a Puppia harness and I bought them enough lamb shanks to last the weekend. And he is quite happy just sitting out in the sun. I'm taking him back to the vet tomorrow for a post-op check up. What a wonderful surrogate mum you are. Good on you for all the care you are giving Oscar. He is lucky to have you looking after him. Kerry :)
  14. We put socks rolled up under the whelping box blanket/bedding. This creates a lumpy surface & encourages the puppies to use their legs & muscles. Kerry :)
  15. Before: newspaper & towels During: newspaper & towels After: newspaper, drybed 2/3, heat pads 1/3 enclosed in a pillowcase that is sewn onto a bunny rug. The bunny rug covers the dry bed. I have a few of these on the go & change it 2-3 times a day. I set the box up like this so my puppies don't crawl under the bedding. It works for me. Kerry :)