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  1. Hi Ishy I started this thread a few days ago: http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=201491 Got a few good recommendations in there for some puppy training Brisbane/towards the GC
  2. ??? Someone made a strangely nasty comment in another thread. I don't know the details so have no idea what was going on - the comment has now been deleted. I hope Risyntira comes back and shares photos again though, I live vicariously through others now that my own puppy has lost his early snubby puppy nose and dopey eyes Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that. Risyntira, your new puppy is beautiful and I wish you the best of luck! Aww.. I don't think I can wait for my puppy!!
  3. Thanks for all the responses guys. I'll look into all of your suggestions. Cheers!
  4. Agreed. Shocked that the immediate response seems to be PTS.
  5. Interesting some of the costs they have on there. Obviously they are not recommending people go to them for obedience classes. LOL. I had a look at what doing a class with my new pup would cost me and ruled it out instantly. Pup will be coming with me to flyball, agility and frisbee and will work off to the side so it will be socialised and trained well, but I was looking for some other environments to take it to. I think some of the costs are very conservative - especially the vet bill side of things. eg: I choose to get Chiro check ups every 4 months or so - $70 each. My girl had an
  6. Some people just prefer bigger dogs. I know I do. Little dogs can be just as difficult. Yea, I must admit I couldn't imagine ever getting a little dog
  7. I honestly love the Exelpet Flea Control Shampoo. I use it on cats and dogs. Cheap as chips and just gives a lovely fresh smell. Of course, there are lots of other more fragrant ones out there. I haven't used them yet, but I'll eventually buy some of this: http://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/pr...etail.asp?ID=82 There are a few different fruity flavours in the range which sound delicious As Lowenhart said, make sure you also wash the dog's bedding too, as if it smells then your dog will start to smell again after sleeping in it.
  8. Just got quotes from a few other places. 1300insurance.com.au quoted me $15.42 per month for the same cover Pet Insurance Australia - $15.42 RSPCA - $48.18 Pet Plan - $38.85 As you can see, the quotes have been really varied so it pays to look around. I've only done some quick quotes, so I'd need to look into the fine print more before I decide
  9. I had a look into this today. I've only checked on Medibank so far, but it sounded really quite reasonable to me. The top cover (Gold) which covers accidental + illness would cost me $25.68 per month for an Akita puppy (which I will be getting at the end of the year). I chose the highest excess option ($500, instead of $100 or $200) to reduce the monthly rate, as if I ever have to pay the $500 excess I can easily chuck that on my credit card if I was short of cash at the time. For $300ish a year, it definitely sounds worth it to me. Oh, that's also with a 10% discount for already being a Medi
  10. I don't know what response you want then?
  11. It probably does have a lot to do with it. My OH's dog at his parents house is by far the smelliest animal I have ever met. Washed extremely regularly, but due to having one of those clam shell pools + access to under the house she always reeks. I think she does eat canned dog food too.
  12. Still, this is not always the case. OH works in orthopedics. Usually an xray is necessary. Hope she's better soon
  13. Agreed. GR's a beautiful, but I have never met a smellier breed! And definitely, extreme shedding. They are a wonderful dog for families however. ETA: The GR's I know are outside dogs however, which I'm sure contributes greatly to the smelly factor
  14. Sorry, just checked my bottle and realised it's actually spelled Febreze. It's an odour eliminating spray, you'll be able to get it from coles/woolies etc in the laundry section.
  15. I went from a Hyundai Excel 2 door hatchback to a Jeep Cherokee Renegade and I will never, ever, buy anything but a 4WD/SUV ever again. I was apprehensive at first about having such a different change (I hate driving) - manual to auto, unleaded to diesel, hatchback to 4WD etc. Awesome fuel consumption, pleasure to drive, fantastic being able to see further ahead on the roads, love the boot/hatch release and that I only need one hand not two to open it, plenty of space, can drive dogs to better spots, not TOO big either considering I am tiny and really wouldn't manage with a big car etc. If yo
  16. It seems you're not that interested in hearing opinions, but I'll give mine anyway. I wouldn't take it to the herding clinic regardless. If the leg still looks sore/the dog's still walking on it a bit funny the next day, then I would take it to the vet. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Agreed with others that you can't always tell the damage just by looking at it yourself.
  17. Don't have my dog yet as it won't be ready to be picked up until around December-ish. But I have done my research and worked out rough prices (as a fully grown dog, wherever possible). Aside from the one off fees, i.e desexing etc, these are some rough ideas I have worked out for my Akita Pet insurance - $25.68 per month with Medibank - Top cover (Gold) this is accidental + illness, $500 excess - 10% discount for existing members Flea and tick prevention - Advocate for dogs over 25kg, 6 monthly - $12.15 per month Worming tablets (Aristopet allwormer, given every 3 months) - $2.80 Registra
  18. Just found this on the Urban Dog Training website. Thought it was quite interesting. It's a rough guide only, but it gives you the kind of idea of what dogs can cost. http://www.urbandogtraining.com.au/trainin...fford-a-dog.htm Just download the PDF article
  19. Sigh.. this is what happens when idiots are allowed to breed. Poor child is going to think it's okay to approach strange animals now and will have no issues with wandering onto someone elses property - which of course is an issue for a number of reasons. I'd look into putting another gate in front. Maybe you could construct like a fake gate - i.e. looks like a gate, but slides up off rails so that you can take it off whenever you need the side access?
  20. Wow, that is an awesome idea! I'll have to have a look for some of these somewhere.
  21. I don't have a pet loo, but I also think that vinegar should use the trick. We used it to help clean up our mattress (and everywhere else in the house) that our kitten decided to pee on when we first got him. Did a great job and definitely helped remove the urine smell. The lady at the RSPCA also recommended using Fabreeze and it was wonderful.
  22. How exciting! I probably won't sleep the few days leading up to picking up our puppy Can't wait to see some pics - I could never tire of puppy photos!
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