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  1. thanks guys hoping to join agility when he is old enough but we are working on obedience at the moment hes so clever lol
  2. This is my new rescue puppy cosmo he is now 9mnths old and ive had him for 5 months. He is the best puppy i could ask for :)
  3. you have to be a paid member im not so i cant which sucks hehe
  4. is there any qualified groomers looking for work in brisbane city (newstead) must be kind to animals no rough handling. If so post on here and i will send you the shop email and you can send your resume to my boss :) Oh we are called The Pet Pad :) if this is in the wrong spot please tell me how to remove it
  5. Super cute i cannot resist rottweiler puppies too cute i especially like Mr Green
  6. i only really need to do the front ones on my dog, his back nails dnt seem to grow :S
  7. Im tempted all the time when i see the same thing. One day i will have the courage lol. When my aunty got her maltese i think it was somewhere near the $1000 mark
  8. My cat does it :\ although he thinks he is a dog lol
  9. I got my dog max at the age of 5 from the pound didnt take him long to learn his new name maybe a week and we didnt even look at his previous name XD
  10. He ran straight across a busy road at me i was freaking out! but im glad he is safe now
  11. Okay so i had a little adventure this arvo, walking home from the bus stop and a 5mnth old cattle dog comes running up at me im like hey lil fella gave him a pat and he followed me from the main road all the way home -.-(30 min walk) so i grabed a lead walked him back asked a few people most said they havent seen him around. Found a group of kids playing in there front yard and they said oh he lives in this house so i walked over and the gate was wide open, shoved him in closed the gate. job well done XD
  12. who cares if they are poodle x's any petshop that sell puppies is wrong whether pure or not i like the ones that help rescue dogs find homes we need more of them
  13. Happy Birthday Kyojin. :birthday: i had fun drawing you hehe
  14. Well put...totally agree ! :D I agree also :D
  15. I read the book and watched the movie and loved them both made me cry my eyes out though . They were first time dog owners and maybe they did try other trainers after all it was based on a true story doesnt mean they could fit every bit into the book maybe they got banned from several obedience schools you dont know the full story. I know heaps of people that call their dog stupid but dont actually mean it? Some people just overreact i think it would have been worse if they just dumped him somewhere but no they stuck by him and atleast they tried. I dont think i could read the eulogy as im pretty sure i would cry.
  16. good that they banned him but i dont think it was long enough. Poor pup RIP
  17. My brother loves griffons he plans on getting one when he eventually moves out good luck with showing im sure you will do great
  18. Wow thats insane. Anyway i like the idea of a gift as well
  19. Sending mental hugs to you and the girls poor Brock Rest In Peace.
  20. poor boy, Glad he has a lovely home now though. She hasnt been back at work yet im assuming she only comes in every now and then, but i will get more photos when she comes back
  21. Gorgeous. Do you work at a Doggy Daycare? Yeah i work at a doggy daycare, they also do grooming so i do the hydrobath as well :D
  22. To be honest she was the best behaved out of the group hehe
  23. A keeshond i love them a lot more now after meeting her she is so sweet :love: isnt she just gorgeous
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