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  1. Here is the link for anyone who might be interested . https://m.facebook.com/415228738667531/photos/a.415230772000661.1073741827.415228738667531/415846188605786/?type=1&source=44&refid=17
  2. Not sure Little Gifts . I have only been out there twice .
  3. You're right. I saw the red near the eye and on the ears as a sign that perhaps there was some damage in those areas consistent with a dog fight but like you I can only see one actual puncture near the groin area. If they are wounds on the face they are certainly not fatal looking and more like grazes. A lot of blood seems to be pooling under the chin area so I assumed if it was a dog attack (and I'm still not sure about that) then the fatal wounds were shielded from view and on the underside or other side of the dog. However it happened it is sad that it died from some kind of trauma. Cryptic, do you have a rough idea of how many dogs and cats they might generally have impounded at any given time? And do you have any idea of how much time the ranger might spend there on a daily basis? Is his office there? Does he do his paperwork there or at council chambers or at the refuse office? I guess I was just thinking that if there are only ever a small handful of impounded animals (ie under 10) then cleaning and feeding would not take up a significant amount of time if they needed a volunteer or to hire a casual to do it. One of my ongoing concerns has been around injured, old, very young or whelping animals being left without monitoring for extended periods of time, particularly as it does get down around freezing in that area. I sincerely hope the investigation might open council up to looking at a better way of managing this facility, possibly doing some upgrades and definitely recruiting volunteers to do the work paid staff can't. And if nothing changes I hope residents who have genuine concerns will continue to keep social media informed until public pressure forces the council's hand.
  4. I moved to Cowra a year ago. Also a rescuer of 5 years ... .I rescue from Dubbo City Animal Shelter and Renbury Farm . Costly getting transport however the local pound was not interested in working with my rescue when I politely offered they said that the animals nearly all get homes. Why are people saying that the behaviour of rescue has been appalling and we have attacked and criticised council ? I have never seen a rescue criticise the ranger or council only members of the general public on Facebook. There are huge problems with this pound . Saw the Kelpie in the breezeway around 3 weeks before the incident and wondered why he was there and thought it must have been to keep people away from the dogs behind him ? Had heard from a friend who was dumping off waste at the tip there was an old sick Foxie out there lying on the concrete hardly moving and I went to check as I knew that the pound was unattended and was worried . Didn't see the Foxie it was not there. I am glad this has come to light and that the general public can access the pound during tip opening hours otherwise it would have never been exposed . The conditions are not satisfactory especially for older animals and puppies . The holding cages are open at both ends and they spend 48 hours quarantine before being placed in the runs. My dogs would die overnight in winter in these conditions. I cannot believe anyone can say that the conditions are satisfactory I guess we all have different standards .
  5. The local country pound in my area does not desex the dogs before they are re- homed . They are free to good homes . . This is country NSW & town has a population of approximately 12000 . With country pounds some desex and some don't . Just like some work with rescue and some do not . It really can depend on the mindset of the local community and their ideals on animal welfare. They are the ones to bring about positive change .
  6. I don't blame you for not wanting to give the former owner constant updates Jane .They have failed miserably in their duty of care to this gorgeous little soul . It was her lucky day when she came to you . Thank goodness you were contacted . I shall look forward to seeing her shine in your capable care.
  7. Would You Say Something?

    My Chihuahua x has had both eyes repaired . She had the second eye done 3 days ago. I have also had 2 foster dogs in the past with cherry eye and had them repaired as well. They had it stitched into position not removed. There is a chance it may fail later on however I did not want to risk dry eye further down the track . Sometimes the condition is not apparent when puppies as my little Chi was born here and hers was not visible till around 12 months. The cost of her surgery was $400 which included a full blood profile. $1000 seems a bit expensive .
  8. My Human Family

    No problem DD was just saying that SAR is not affiliated with this organisation.
  9. My Human Family

    That's ok Powerlegs . I was actually not referring to your post . I should have replied direct to DD . Sorry for the confusion.
  10. My Human Family

    They don't have to have anything to do with the organisation :) . I was just scrolling through the photos and stories and saw this one: We first met Andi 'on line', loved her profile and arranged to meet her in person at the Starfish Animal Rescue in Baulkham Hills, Sydney. We went for a beautiful walk together and it was love at first sight! Andi moved in with us that same day! She is adored by all our family and someone's loss was definitely our family's gain (especially for 84 year old Beryl, who is pictured here with Andi). It is inconceivable to think of buying a dog from a pet shop or breeder when there's little ones like Andi in shelters around the country just waiting to love and be loved. Have already read this story about Andi so has Starfish. I had never heard of the Starfish Animal Rescue so I enquired about it. No agenda or mystery, just interest as I am not far from Baulkham Hills. You have now. ETA: You might like to get back to them to tell them that one of "their" dogs has been featured and it is a beautiful photograph of the dog and an elderly loving human :) No need to she already knows.
  11. My Human Family

    Spoke with the person from Starfish Animal Rescue at Baulkham Hills this morning and mentioned this thread. She was a bit surprised that they have been mentioned as they have no connection with this organisation.
  12. Rescue And Facebook

    Some rescues will use Facebook as a tool to get them noticed. They crave the attention and will stop at nothing to obtain their daily fix of adulation. Even stooping to naming and shaming other rescues who disagree with their point of view . They play the victim but in fact they are nothing but attention seeking bullies .
  13. Seniors In Pounds

    I have just re-homed 2 seniors and another is on hold for adoption. One a Chihuahua female was in very bad shape when first into care back in January . She was anemic and has a heart murmur. She had her desexing and dental 10 days ago. Her teeth were in pretty good condition though only requiring a scale and polish. All my seniors have found homes through Facebook Very little if any interest from petrescue . Agree about the expense of taking on seniors . They always need dentals 9 times out of 10 which does deplete the funds rather quickly. Dogmad your Taz had 8 months of pure bliss . I know her story well and she won the lottery the day you took her from that vile home.
  14. That's great you had so many enquiries for your lovely senior Rottweiler Burkes. They do seem a popular breed. . Very nice dogs mine was 10 when she developed bone cancer which seems common is this breed. My experience is quite the opposite with the popularity of my senior fosters. When I commit to them I know that 6 to 12 months in care is the norm. The longest took a year to find a suitable home the shortest 3 months . Not complaining about that fact though they have a special quality that makes them so easy to have in care.
  15. There are a lot of older dogs looking for homes at the moment. I have 3 seniors in care. all 3 of them from the pound. Two of the dogs were lifetime registered with council , microchipped and one of them desexed. Owners contacted but do not come and get their dogs??? The ones with disabilities or so old they are almost on deaths door seem to be very popular with adopters. The healthy ones with a few years left are very hard to rehome . I don't understand that one either. Hoping these 2 dogs find a lovely retirement home together . They sound adorable.