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  1. Was happy to see my cactus is having babies and finally spreading out a little (small things make me happy).
  2. Yes well that is definitely a weirdish email to send, I suspect you won't be getting any replies! I must admit I was surprised to read you're still after two puppies, even after all the recommendations against in your thread from a while back?
  3. Looking all shiney for the ladies!
  4. Wow intense eyes! I had to look up what type of bird they are. Who would have thought they'd be capable of kidnap! White-winged Choughs usually occur in flocks of up to 20 birds, though sometimes many more may congregate during the non-breeding season. Flocks are composed of breeding adults and non-breeding helpers, at least some of which are young from earlier broods, and flocks often also contain birds that have been kidnapped from other groups of choughs. Members of these groups co-operate to assist with building nests and feeding and brooding the nestlings and fledgelings. When disturbed, the group usually flies into nearby trees, calling noisily
  5. Went to a local golf course today and had a giggle with how they've set up this rock. I was admiring how they've polished part of the rock to make a seat then noticed some poor person apparently squished under the rock lol
  6. Lovely photo! I love how they can find water even in the most bizarre of spots. Are they pale headed Rosella's?
  7. Great photos! You're being clever taking photos without showing his full face. Love that we an still enjoy his gorgeous chubby cheeks though! ❤️❤️
  8. Early morning walks mean keeping an eye out for wallabies and kangaroos. It's the ones which suddenly go crashing off in nearby bush which scare Poppy and I half to death! These guys let me get a few steps closer then bounded off in all directions.
  9. Because she senses your desperation to just have a quick easy groom!
  10. Pudding is such a cutie! He's got a good grip on that seat lol Mine is the weird photo of the week haha. Heard a bang on the window so went looking for a bird before the dogs could. No sign of it except for a slide mark and feather outline left on the window! F
  11. Lovely marked Muscovy! I enjoyed them as pets but found the females went broody too often.
  12. Managed to forget last week's photo so am popping two on today. First is an interesting leaf pattern with its arteries and veins. Second is something which tells me winter is coming. These mandarins are sooo delicious!
  13. Desexing your dog will help with hormonal issues but not behavioural ones. Unfortunately he's now had many opportunities to see that outside your property is more interesting than inside it so he may continue trying to get out regardless. To change his perspective you'll need to provide plenty of physical and mental enrichment to keep him satisfied through the day. Mental enrichment might be daily training or things he can be left with which keep him entertained and busy. I suggest joining the Facebook group Canine Enrichment, lots of great ideas there! Good luck.
  14. I couldn't decide which photo this week so putting em all here. I won't do this again I promise! I'm back in my home town of Wangaratta for Easter and visited Brown Brothers winery today for a family day. Beautiful location and the winery tour was very interesting. The cellars which contain thousands of wines. Some for sale at the cellar door but many for private consumption by the Brown family. People still have to regular climb in these holes and chip crystals from the inside of the barrels. Once upon a time a bird was placed inside or a candle lit to see oxygen levels. Overseas many people still die doing this process.
  15. Great photo & comment mingling! Love your fallen gum leaves Pers!
  16. I'd love to know why he wanted to land on such a sharp point!
  17. Oh that is so sad. Even though you know it's coming it never helps. She sounds like an absolutely gorgeous dog and you both got very lucky finding each other.
  18. I don't think they're waterproof? It has about six mesh inserts which I stuffed with bags of stuffing (not memory foam) then they slip in to zipped pockets to make the base and sides. I don't have oldies yet but I can see that would be very handy to have in a bed!
  19. Not sure how Aussie a Nanna nap in the middle of the day is?
  20. Too late now but from what I can see you can still buy Orvis covers and have them sent to Oz. That's what I did and stuffed it myself here which saved a bomb. As Westiemum said I'm a huge fan too. Ive washed my Orvis bed numerous times and both dogs have slept on it every night for years. If they could just make a human bed as comfortable I'd be happy lol.
  21. I haven't used him but follow him on Facebook (he used to live local to me). Probably not helpful but I've enjoyed seeing him grow in education regarding raw feeding and dog behaviour. He isn't a fan of Brachy breeding though so I don't engage in those conversions owning a Frenchie! His reviews seem ok so might be worth seeing how you go?
  22. Awww those little chubby legs!
  23. That was never ever going to end well. I'm lost trying to work out how such a ridiculous and cruel action was even taken and allowed!
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