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  1. Goodbye My Darling Jesse

    Run free special boy xxxx
  2. Just to let you know Budget Pet Products have the Kakadu Fleece coats even cheaper than the other place!!!
  3. I will order 3 large, where do I send them though so they can go to the most needed places?
  4. Aussie Vet Products have Kakadu Explorer Double Fleece Dog Coast half price at the moment if anyone is interested!
  5. I Am Very Happy Tonight

    FANTASTIC NEWS :thumbsup: :thumbsup: thanks to all involved
  6. Run free darling ones, you are just too special for this world xxx
  7. I am really shocked, dad only 7 months and mum under a year, its beyond me how they could let this happen I hope dad finds a loving home x
  8. if someone takes her let me know and I will cover her vacs
  9. oh gosh, what about Big Dog Rescue?
  10. If not up to date with vacs etc I can contribute towards them
  11. NO she carnt go to the backyard breeder, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP HER
  12. Cattle Dog In Ulladulla

    Poor mumma dog, so sad, I hope the son finds care
  13. I think this girl was previously advertised on Gumtree???
  14. Adopting From A Pound

    I would prefer to give a "damaged" dog a chance than putting money in the pockets of byb or pet shops :) :)
  15. Darn no good, I thought you are in Qld, I went to a pet shop the other day up there on the Gold Coast and they had bags half price because of short date, I got my sister a bag, bargin
  16. Update On Irish

    NO they carnt be put to sleep, please keep us updated x
  17. That is totally disgusting, how could he be left like that, does anyone at that pound have a heart???
  18. thank you I will send some off with the dog jacket I have.
  19. Hi, do you know if they would use kongs at the pound for the doggies?
  20. and from the Central Coast, I would have some towels and blankets too :D