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  1. I'm with PetPlan and my first 12 months wasn't automatically a $500 excess, but I'm not on the Budget plan. They should have automatically sent you out confirmation paperwork either by mail or email when you joined?
  2. I was almost too worried to click in here just in case it was bad news, but I'm glad to hear she's still happy and loving her food. Do you still go to Russell Lea, or mostly SASH?
  3. The Cuz crackle heads are the favourite in my house! The pugs love any cuz balls as they can carry them by the feet, and nom on the feet. Most of them only have one foot left as the feet nomming is quite common :laugh:
  4. minimax


    Run free spotty one, you're much loved and will be missed by many for perrin and the family
  5. I got my PetPlan renewal for Boston (I had to email them asking for it, normally it arrives in the mail about a month before it's due and two weeks before the time I thought it was due I started getting worried that I hadn't got it, so emailed and a few days later they sent it). Nearly fell over when I saw it increased from $600 to $770, and my excess went from $125 to $150 (which wasn't explicitly stated, but I knew my excess had previously been $125, and the chart listed it as now being $150. It had already increased from $100 the previous year Couldn't find anywhere on FB to write anything, either they had closed their wall or my FB app was being dumb so I went to twitter. They replied saying they would contact me directly, but I didn't think much of it and didn't hear from them for close to a week. Someone rang me yesterday and I was surprised, she was nice and explained the reason for the increase which seemed like cr@p to me. Said the old fee structure was based on a model that meant you were charged the same regardless of dog breed or state , whereas now it's based specifically on dog breed (they didn't mention size, just breed) and the state you live. Based on that, I'd be expecting some breeds to come down in price, as if it was 'averaged' then some would have been paying more to make up for those who were paying less (for the whole average thing to work out) but I've yet to come across any breed who has gone down/stayed the same. The girl I spoke to said she agreed with me about personal circumstances not being taken into consideration (registered breeder, health testing vs BYB etc) as even with car insurance they take into consideration personal circumstances when calculating premiums and said any comments/complaints etc could be directed to [email protected] I reckon most other insurers will follow with large increases soon, once one has done it, it's not usually long before they others realise they can too!
  6. In an off-leash dog park I had someone glare at my two dogs who were just walking next to me, sniffing at the ground and random things, then picked up their puppy (who looked too young to be off leash in a dog park, IMO) and did a wide loop away from us as though the pugs were about to leap out and eat it :laugh: I guess if you haven'y heard a pug snuffling before it might sound odd, but if you're that worried about being eaten by a small dog - don't take your pup to the park!
  7. My pugs definitely react differently to pugs (and other brachy breeds), they much prefer playing with their "own kind" and we notice a lot in the park another pug will come running up, past other dogs, to say hi to us. I always thought it might be partly because some dogs don't quite "get" pugs, they make odd noises and their curly tails can be confusing, so it's easier to stick with other squishies :laugh:
  8. Because that is more profitable. You surely don't believe they bought dog food manufacturers coz they love liddle doggies? Or they wanted to make a bit more profit on another line? Well, they did, but they make a lot more with the current regs. Of course it is about running a profitable business but that does not equate to sticking mars bars in dog food! Plus mars bars are expensive ... they are like, $2 for 50g, which is around $40 a kg (or something. I suck at maths!). Hardly a cost saving measure to bulk something out with a $40 per kg product :laugh:
  9. I'm struggling to find the apology to all the innocent people you slandered?
  10. This question was nicely ignored too.
  11. That sounds like a much more straightforward plan! Text me if you need me to pick them up, otherwise I'll assume my courier services are not needed for now ;)
  12. Staying at Callala Beach, will be there until Friday
  13. I'm going from Sydney to Jervis Bay on Monday, can probably convince my traveling buddy to make a few stops if needs be.
  14. Her FB profile says she's in Cambpelltown. And she's FB frieds with Kim Hollingsworth.
  15. Nope, if you want them they are yours. Unless you only want one and Steph can have the other, as they are different flavours.
  16. I got given two Black Hawk sample packs a while ago, but I don't feed dry so I won't use them. Found them in the cupboard this morning and thought someone might have a use for them. if you want them, PM me your address and I'll post them tomorrow (free postage).
  17. Most likely the details of the person making the report will be on the file, and the person having the complaint made against them as a right to see the report being made against them. So, yes, confidential until the formal report is lodged, really. Or just don't give contact details. Or post on facebook about if they are that concerned :laugh:
  18. Wake a perfectly sleeping dog? Why on earth would you do that?
  19. I have this bean bag bed: http://www.barkaparka.com.au/ Def not cheap but great quality. The noise is sometimes annoying, but I find once Boston initially wiggles around to get comfy, he doesn't much move after that. If you have a wigglebum it could get really irritating!
  20. Yes! Inner West has good coffee and parks but no beach like that! It was an hour's drive though, and Homebush/DFO was dreadful like usual. I'm lucky that we have a good dog swimming place about 2 minutes away with sand and grass and shade, but it's not lovely clean water like there, it's basically the Parra river :laugh:
  21. It's great there, isn't it? My guys love it. It's good coz it's got deep water for pups who like to swim, and shallow water for those who like to splash, and sand for digging, and grass for sitting, and a cafe just around the corner for food and coffee! Pity it's not closer!
  22. Where is the like button..... where's the PHOTO! ?? Hahaha it's not a good look of me.
  23. OH took a hilarious photo of Boston this morning, he dumped his bone on my face for safe keeping, and went back to sleep on my head :laugh:
  24. They're a little older now,and I'm sure, a little wiser too Who, the supervising adults?
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