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  1. Frontier Pets is one of the highest quality dog foods in Australia. Human grade ingredients. It's pricy though (or you could say other foods are cheap... for a reason). One thing worth considering is feeding some kind of appropriate bone, shank, or tendon to help dental health, but that can be said for any food really, just more so with wet and air/freeze dried foods which have absolutely no abrasion.
  2. Thread revival! Has anyone here been feeding Woofin Good, and how have you found it?
  3. This may also help - http://www.howtofeedadog.com Worth noting Australian pet food standards are much to be desired, and even with better brands it's worth rotating between 2 or 3 brands if not more.
  4. Hi DD33, Here's a list of Australian dog foods - https://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/category/australian-made-dog-food/
  5. Could be early signs of arthritis, although all of us slow down as we get older. Might be worth taking some preventative measures or supplements for joint health - fish oils, green lipped mussels etc. I just wrote some info on the latter here which might be of use - http://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/blog/green-lipped-mussels/
  6. I'm starting to feel like I respond to most of these threads with "What are they eating?" I have a personal friend who's dog suffered horrible seizures for years, about 3 or 4 per year. She was feeding him a main brand of dog food by *cough* Purina, and since changing to a raw diet about 3 years ago not a single seizure. It's not the first time I've seen a diet change resolve seizures completely. Obviously not the only cause, but a simple one almost always overlooked. Seizures are a horrible thing to experience.
  7. If I had a dollar for every time I've known a simple diet change to stop a Staffy scratching.... Staffies are the number one breed to suffer food allergies. Can I ask what you're feeding and does it contain wheat, corn, soy, rye, or anything like that?
  8. The wet food is likely better than the dried food but would work out more costly. If I fed ZiwiPeak to my dogs daily I'd have to downsize to a wooden shack to cover my mortgage Most manufacturers use better quality meat in the wet and the rest in the dry, although whether this is the case with ZiwiPeak I don't know.
  9. I think it's a great way to break in to raw feeding without so much risk. I wouldn't say it's as simple as feeding VAN + a meat source though, you should definitely be feeding meat and offal as you would a researched raw diet. http://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/alternative-dog-food/vets-all-natural-complete-mix/
  10. I'd be interested to know why you think peas aren't appropriate for dogs sas? There's very little evidence of negative effects of peas (and lectin proteins) on dogs, and as far as kibble ingredients go there's a lot worse out there. I see a problem when they're overused or included as a substitute for meat proteins, but as an ingredient they're a good (read: not great) source of protein and fibre.
  11. I'd love to know how they cook meats, fats, and oils into a solid kibble. It's just not possible :laugh: They originally had the cereals first, then emailed me to tell me my review was incorrect and the cereals were now last. They know they're falsely advertising it. I suppose what they write on their website isn't governed by pet food labeling standards, but it's still false advertising and fraud. Thanks Taliecat! I've had a manic few months so haven't been on the internet much!
  12. Just a word of warning about "Aussie Dogfood" you can buy online... I really think it's a scam, in fact I'm pretty sure of it. I have reason to believe the same people were behind Yoghurt Plus dog food which used to be available, but this is inconclusive. I had a lot of people ask me to review the food, and I think they have a strong Facebook presence. They also have a very professional looking website, which is actually much better than most legit pet food websites. That's not hard in this day and age though. They sell 20kg bags, and also have membership schemes. I reviewed the food which looked awful considering they were selling it for a very premium price. Last week I had an email from a person who allegedly worked for the company who said I had the ingredients wrong. I checked the new ingredients on their website which were very bizarre, as it was a formula which couldn't be processed into a kibble. It didn't add up, it was made up. Then I searched for information on the person who emailed me. They didn't show up in Google, which is odd. I found two Facebook accounts using the name, both were fake. I believe you can buy the food and they'll send it to you, but you won't be getting what you pay for. I imagine it's kibble they've had cheaply manufactured, or it may even be another manufacturer's kibble re-branded. In any case they're not adhering to legal standards. If you have any info let me know. Their Facebook page is - https://www.facebook.com/Aussiedogfood/?fref=ts This was my review - http://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/dry-dog-food/australian-dog-food-company/
  13. What did the vet say? Looks like a reaction to a bite to me?
  14. Ideal Balance Grain Free is probably the best Hill's offer, far better than some of their other scientific premium prescription diets... Black Hawk are gradually changing their recipes. It's something they said they wouldn't do when the company was bought up, so it didn't take long for them to change their minds about that.
  15. It's a pretty good food. It's made by Diamond who're a huge company in the US. They also make Taste of the Wild. Kirkland is surprisingly cheap and not a food I hear bad reports about.
  16. Grr, sorry for the thread revival. I was researching Enduro and came across this old post. It makes me sad reading it for a number of reasons: 1) The OP stated their Border Collie was very inactive for a 7 month old being fed Bonnie. Having Border Collies myself this makes me doubly sad as they're such a lively energetic breed. Bonnie is a dreadful food, which is likely the reason the dog wouldn't eat it and lacked energy. 2) The weight gain from changing to Enduro is seen as a good thing, but far from it. The bulk of Enduro is sorghum (or/ wheat) which is difficult for a canine to process and results in bulk. That kind of weight gain isn't healthy. Does anyone here feed Enduro?
  17. There's a pet food review website in Australia which discusses all of these foods. It's called http://www.petfoodreviews.com.au :D Yep, they had a problem with a supplier but it's all been sorted now. They cut the supplier immediately. Applaws are proactively trying to increase the meat content in their foods in Aus. Their UK equivalent has much more meat, with the reason being UK manufacturers have more advanced extruder (kibble making) machinery.
  18. There's a number of animal charities in Australia - RSPCA, Animals Australia, World Animal Protection, Pet Rescue... and many more. I'd like to know people's opinions on which charities are more worthy and why... which would you donate to?? Or which wouldn't you donate to??
  19. I think their wording is bad. It definitely doesn't cost $1000 to raise 2 kittens which could easily be re-homed in coming weeks to a family who would cover the costs of raising them. They're using it as a vehicle to raise money in general, for the organisation as a whole not just for the kittens.
  20. I think that could be a very good idea. People love to buy Australian. I'd say include New Zealand in that, given the quality of foods like K9 Natural and Ziwipeak, and Black Hawk are technically Aussie Made/New Zealand owned...
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