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  1. I used to own a pug x gsd. It's entirely possible. Keep your dog contained.
  2. I think our normal vet is $75. The holistic one is $99 but that includes an acupuncture session too.
  3. Haha. We were freezing out west while he was still toasty on the coast with my parents, otherwise he would have been in the pic for sure!
  4. I made this one for Sid because nothing store bought fits his shape.
  5. Interestingly, I had to take Sid to the vet yesterday (ear recheck, all clear) and she took his temp and it was low. He was cold. It was about 18 degrees outside. So some dogs definitely feel it more than others and he only has a very fine coat. We came home and put a coat on.
  6. I'll test run it this week and report back. I was going to use 'give me space' but I didn't have enough room. I've done the 'Mine's not!' thing before and got a mouthful for having my 'aggressive dog in public'. Seriously, you can't win.
  7. Literally just made this. I am so done with people. Also saw a post on FB recently about a dog with a yellow lead that had 'nervous' embroidered on it. She said she gets asked all the time if that's her dog's name.
  8. You must have been reading the sewing thread ;)
  9. Works nicely out of the housing too:
  10. Just an update, still absolutely loving the little xt10 <3 Shooting with the housing is clunky and slow and so much gets left up to the gods of the ocean, so not as much control as shooting on land, but still - I'm thrilled. A million times better than the p&s. Shooting into the sun is a challenge because it highlights all the water on the front of the housing:
  11. The Sigma art lenses are beautiful, the 35mm 1.4 rarely leaves my camera.
  12. Absolutely. Especially a brand new mirrorless. I was washing it under the beach shower yesterday afternoon and told my husband that I'll never get used to how wrong it feels.
  13. Yes! I keep saying it's like another world underwater. The split thing is really easy to do with this set up, I could only ever fluke it with the point and shoot Olympus. These have only had a lr edit and on some I've used the Nik software. But no composites ????
  14. First dunk of the xt10 in the ocean today :D I'm in love <3
  15. I haven't really! Well, beyond the ones I've put on Red Bubble, but I haven't done that for years. I'd need to see how these print first :)
  16. Yeah they're 7 and 9 now ???? Growing like weeds.
  17. I've been on the hunt for an upgrade for my little Olympus TG2 for quite some time now - something with more control and a better focusing system. I was looking at the new Nikon AW1, but for a few hundred dollars more, thought it would be better getting a Fuji xt10 and a housing (housings for my DSLRs are still thousands of $$). That way I'd use it out of the water too. I've had it for a few days now and these are the first few images. It is so great having full manual control in the water :D
  18. Harry - a heady mix of pug and GSD.
  19. OMG Gap, these are amazing! <3
  20. Our old girl had DM. We decided to let her go when she couldn't go to the toilet without falling in it.
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