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  1. Daisy is looking... mature. Makes me realise how long we've been on DOL and 'known' everyones dogs.
  2. LOL she's locked in a cage in my dungeon. With no noms. or comforts Did you see the video I put up of her on Facey yesterday? Beagle still has the moves! I did see. A beagle never forgets.
  3. Three ding dongs, all in a row.
  4. Sure you will. Do you even know where she is? Hmmmm? Poor beagle.
  5. A friends Frenchie died because a groomer muzzled him to clip his nails. He wasn't aggressive, just a bit of a mouthy young dog. Unacceptable.
  6. My dog at a market? Fine :D But as a stall holder who has had dogs cock their legs on my gazebo while their oblivious owners browse or chat? No.
  7. Those prints are from On Stone in Melbourne. They are much more gorgeous than my crappy phone pic suggests, I promise. The frames are recycled fencing and they use discarded packaging from the QV Markets. I love them so much.
  8. Getting them printed somewhere like BigW is very risky. Their machines are all over the place, which is why they are so cheap. I had a client print some B&Ws there and they came out so magenta. Most of my work gets printed through Momento (albums, cards etc) and actual prints from NuShots. I've been obsessed with stone prints for a while and can't wait to keep adding to this wall:
  9. That second one is probably F2 ISO 1600 125th No flash, obviously.
  10. Setting for dancefloor to get light trails: F16 ISO 200 SS usually close to 1 second :) Speedlight on manual, usually about 1/4 They're my go to settings anyway, adjusted for the amount of available light. That's dragging the shutter (keeping in open for a longer time than normal).
  11. If you mean me, I don't really do anything other than try to expose correctly. I still get blown out bits though. I always expose for people, not lights. Although if I was shooting for a chandelier catalogue, I might put more effort in. Or real estate. But that ain't gonna happen ;) I was reading something recently about dragging the shutter to expose for a chandelier: The only time I drag the shutter is for dancefloor shots (to get cool light trails). Not a chandelier, but blown out lights to expose for the bunting:
  12. I don't use big lenses, but if you can buy the body on its own I wouldn't bother at all with the 18-55mm.
  13. That's my favourite part :D It's not out until September 2016 though! Waaaaaa!!
  14. There's always the insurance line. Once money becomes involved, it's a business, so your gear isn't covered under your normal house insurance.
  15. I'm not going to weigh in on the mirrorless vs DSLR debate, as I've always used a DSLR and never used a mirrorless camera. That said, I'm going to echo what the others have said and do think you're over thinking it a bit :) I know how overwhelming it can be. There is so much out there and if you're going to spend that much money, you definitely want to make sure you're making the right decision! I don't think you can go wrong with either Canon or Nikon. Like Snook said, I couldn't look at an image and tell you which camera it was shot on. I can look at my own work and tell you what lens I used though :p But that's because I only ever shoot with primes, so the focal length remains the same with each lens. I got by on just a 50mm 1.8 for a couple of years. Now the lens on my camera most of the time is the 35mm Sigma Art. I love that thing like a child. That said, one of my favourite images ever, was one I took last year on my little Olympus point and shoot. I've got it printed and love it. Unless I had it printed really big, there aren't a whole lot of differences between it and a print from my DSLR. I also have lots of phone prints hanging up (done through Origrami) and I love them too. My point is, the small differences between camera models (ISO limitations/FPS/MP) aren't going to matter as much as how you use the light, how you compose and knowing the limitations of your camera (they all have them). I've seen people purchase professional level cameras and then get frustrated that their images don't look as good as they'd like. You can definitely take bad images on good cameras, just like you can take really decent images on basic models. It's all about practice :)
  16. Having your work printed is just so much better than seeing it on a screen :) So important too.
  17. That poor little dog Sid is deaf and I'll only ever let him run with two dogs - Lola and my parents MS. That's it. It still baffles me how people thinking running big packs like that is ok.
  18. Thank you! I'm just so relieved.
  19. Someone got his eye back yesterday <3
  20. Lola will always jump on Sid to wake him up when I call them to come inside :laugh: She realised he was deaf long before I did!
  21. Ok so his stitches had slipped a bit, but the vet just tightened them up. Before he did, he had a look at the damaged part and said it's healing well. Fingers crossed.
  22. I don't think so, I stopped him pretty quickly. He is just so desperate to get to it. I hate that he's uncomfortable, but there's nothing I can do really. Back to the vet tomorrow for another check up, but everything looks the same to me - stitches still in place.
  23. Poor Sarah! What happened? I took Sid out for a walk today, first break from the cone. He was good while we were walking, but when we stopped he was rubbing his eye all over the ground :/
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