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  1. See below. My good friend assures me that my cat has an excellent bitchy resting face.
  2. If I go out with my friendly face on walks of any kind for us take twice as long. Everyone wants to stop us so they can stroke her ears... Some days I don't mind every second person stopping me to ask me the same set of questions about her but if I'm in a hurry or want to keep to myself I find I really have to just keep my head down, not make eye contact and put on an air of being unapproachable. Sometimes it works...
  3. the techkewls look good but only if I had access to a freezer which i often don't, I think I need something that I can basically just leave in the car and pull out as needed. Now to wait for free shipping...
  4. Thanks guys. think something like the chilly buddies might suit, but in the pic it looks like the neck hole is fairly small, can anyone provide feedback on how well they would suit a very broad and deep chested breed?
  5. haha, Noooot for me LOL Definitely only for the dog :laugh:
  6. Unfortunately the closest reject shop etc that would sell costumes is in town which is a fair drive for me and I won't be going in until Josie's visit on Friday. It's a shame Sascha's dinosaur costume doesn't fit her, she would have looked great as a velociraptor!
  7. I'm really not in to Halloween at all BUT Josie's hospital therapy visit happens to fall on Halloween and I thought some of the patients might get a bit of a kick out of her visiting them in costume. We are out of the city and nowhere around here sells dog costumes so I need to doctor something out if whatever I can find around home. Anyone have any great, funny, simple suggestions?
  8. Just wondering if anyone can advise if there is such a thing as a cool coat that I don't have to continually rewet? Looking to do some bushwalking with my dogs but I will have to carry drinking water for us and would rather not have to carry water just for a coat too. We don't usually go out on really hot days but having a black back Josie heats up in the sun pretty quick.
  9. Anywhere that sells window stuff. Even bunnings or a hardware store will probably have them or something similiar
  10. We use tresemme conditioner on our frequently bathed one. Does a super job( I get the one that's called luxurious moisture) We can't leave the house without someone commenting on how good her coat is. Half half with water in a spray bottle makes a great leave in too
  11. like these: http://greatlakesskipper.com/maxwell-vetus-whs010w-white-marine-boat-hatch-fly-screen-retainer-clip-kit
  12. You can get little turning clips from window places that are the old way to hold flyscreens in, one on each side would stop them from being able to push the door through at night
  13. If you aren't sure they are worms also have a close look. My friend told me yesterday that she couldn't work out why there were still worms in her dogs poo, then she discovered he'd been chewing the tassles off her curtains. LOL
  14. Have you tried Woolies? I've always been able to buy them in Woolies when I've been in there in quite a few places in NSW and Vic.
  15. You could try calling your original vet and asking if they will do a phone consult with you to discuss. Explain you are having trouble finding a vet in the area and want to discuss an ongoing issue that your vet was managing.
  16. bummer. Is it possible that the coughing which occurred initially as a side effect fro the vaccine has worsened the murmur therefore causing the coughing to continue and the fluid build up. Bit of a circular problem
  17. Can you go back to the original vet? In my experience continuity of care can be a good thing in cases like this
  18. Or call around real estate agents and see if they have a house available for short term rental. Even if it's unfurnished and you just camp on a blow up mattress(or buy a $50 mattress from the salvos and donate it back when you are done). They might be happy to have someone in for a short period if they have a place that's been vacant for a while
  19. Maybe join a bunch of the local facebook pages and put out a request for someone that may have a caravan in their backyard that they are willing to rent out to someone with dogs, that way you would have a yard for the dogs too.
  20. Puppy farmer basically. I remember looking at them a while ago, they breed sought after and often ill-advised colours for money
  21. Oh Tibor what a gorgeous old gent you are! I love that there are nearly more grey hairs than brown now(that's a very 'sophisticated' look Tibor so don't worry!) Happy birthday gorgeous man
  22. Mine aren't fed raw but I notice a big difference in my Basset if I use a low quality food. Food emergency a few months back I bought a bag if super coat at the supermarket. She was only on it for about 5 days and she looked dull and greasy, lost weight and she'd a lot for the next month or so
  23. Well she'll feel much better with her 'designer vagina'! (Ok I get that's not anatomically the correct term but I REALLY wanted to say it :laugh: ) I must admit I didn't even realise this was something that happened so it's been an interesting topic to read
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