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  1. Easy Peasy:- If I considered a puppy not good enough to breed from, then I would not consider it good enough for anyone else to breed from. ;) Then it would go on limited register. Also in our breed some puppies are born lacking required markings, which would immediately place them in the pet basket. Sure, there are often ones you may wish to run on, and these would be placed on main register, and then if they don't make the cut, desexing prior to rehousing is the ultimate decision. Limited register is only a means of protection from inferior specimens being used incorrectly. And I might also add that there are too may unscrupulous people out there with the wrong intent, which spoil it for the ones with good intent. And those with good intent, are usually very prepared to be mentored and take the time to learn further about their chosen breed, before taking the plunge to place a litter on the ground. Only then, will they in turn have mastered the required knowledge to follow on and make their own decisions about limited or main register!
  2. If the dog showed no physical signs, why was it tested in the first place? Has every known species been tested from the said environment of every verified case?
  3. We just purchased an Oz Trail Compact Pavillion and I can get it up by myself. You just have to think about it and go one step at a time. I think the same applies with whatever you get. Great Specials at BCF for another week, the Pavillion was only $149.
  4. In Australia, there are MANY Cav breeders that also have their Giant sized counterpart:- The Saint Bernard. My mother has a Cav, and she claims him to be her bonsai'd Saint. Very similar in both nature and looks, the only difference is the size..... and yes, some Saints do slobber! I believe second to Cavs as a 2nd breed for Saint owners, the Clumber Spaniel would come in a close second. The British Bulldog is our 2nd breed, also popular with other Saint enthusiasts, but not in the running league as the Cav's are.
  5. Cassie, Moose is just absolutely beautiful! I couldn't have passed up that offer either! I wish you every success with him and much happiness, you deserve it more than anyone.
  6. I checked out BCF in Gladstone (Qld) but they weren't on special there, unfortunately. Maybe they too are unaware that they actually are on special Teak!!!! When I went into Browns Plains they didn't know there, until I commented that $299 was too dear as I had seen them elsewhere for $249, and that is when the girl bought them up on the puta and she said OMG, they are coming up here for $149. Maybe if anyone goes looking and sees them marked $299, they should ask the staff to key them in to see what comes up on the puta before thinking they aren't on special. ;)
  7. The weird thing is that even in the store they were still marked $299 and the girl on staff didn't even know until she hit the computer and they came up at $149. Seems the price is not well known at all! ;)
  8. BCF have the Oztrail COMPACT PAVILLION currently ON SALE for $149. We got 2 today from Browns Plains but they only had 6 left. These are the ones that the legs go up more and they can fit in the back of the car with ease. The recommended retail is $434 but they are often on special for $269. $149 is a bargain and they are so much easier to transport.
  9. The first thing that came to my mind when I read this is one particular judge who I will enter bitches under but not my dogs! He is way too heavy handed on the testicles for my liking, and I have seen many a dog flinch under his hands. I had one myself that we couldn't get back in the ring after he had judged him, every time a judge ran their hand down his back he would sit down. Real sad for a muti BIS BISS winner who is sitting on 630 points! So No, I would hate to see judges not named, as it would be total waste of entry money on many occasion for many people that all have their own dislikes of some. JMHO
  10. Many thanks english.ivy, I appreciate your reply.
  11. Can anyone tell me the best price they can get Drontal for? I get my flea control stuff from Priceless Pets but am wondering where people find the best price for Drontal tabs???
  12. Can anyone tell me the best price they can get Drontal for? I get my flea control stuff from priceless pets but am wondering where people find the best price for Drontal tabs???
  13. I so agree with ALL you have said!! Like.......Apple! TRAGIC! My kids have human names because to me they are like people, (my babies), and in most cases they are better than lots of people I know. I can't see anything wrong with it and I have never had it questioned ever. I detest some of the names people do call their animals and kids, but we each have our choices and each to their own. I know of kids called Pleasure, Sky Blue in Love, and Palace! I know of dogs called Bequeath and Bequest, and in another family Heaven, Earth, River and Sky. I have just had a girl in asking after a job and her name was Tampon. Our 24 year old cat is called Billy Jack and when my son was little he aded the name Smith at the end! Why......... well, we never found out! People with Deefers and Ceefers just have no imagination and IMHO a name is a very special and important thing, that deserves much thought behind it.
  14. Tell the people to go jump or you will sue them for the trauma they have caused to you and your baby. Firstly:- They don't deserve to have her and secondly:- you wouldn't want them to have her! I agree in that you have been most generous and done more than most would have done. Glad that she is now in your safe hands, she deserves a forever loving home. I just hope they don't go out and repeat their story to another unsuspecting person, some people just don't deserve to have any pets. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  15. :D :D So very well said Jed! And you are right, it is the association to the unethical that puts many off being involved in many things. Even on DOL breeders forums, there are many unethical breeders listed just like with the CCCQ and associated interstate bodies. But how does one eliminate the skanks of society?
  16. There used to be a product called rubbapad, which was especially formulated for greyhounds pads, but I don't know if it is still available.
  17. Souff that is exactly what the flies here are like right now. And the young ones do yelp when they are bitten.
  18. We had a bitch many years ago that we had outlayed a fortune for, even re mortgaged our home to cover court costs just to keep her; and we had no regrets in doing so for her life otherwise would have been one of Cinderella, opposed to being the Princess in our castle. But when the vets at animal emergency gave us a $23,000 quote and only a 15% chance of survival, my O/H wanted to still do it, but I said time to pull the pin!
  19. We have them too but they will go as quick as they came, just seems to be the time of the year cos we get them this time every year! They arrive for about 1/2 an hour early each morning and then reappear at dusk. I've never heard of the November flies, so we just call them the bitey flies here.
  20. I put no to both, but I did pull one of ours a few times in order for a friends boy to get the points. Her boy was well on his way to his title when he was diagnosed with Cancer. She became desperate for him to get his title and was scared that time would not be on his side for him to show without causing him discomfort. So we pulled our boy for 3 shows which gave her the points and when her boy crossed the bridge, he did so a champion. There is always an exception, but under normal circumstances I think most people like the challenge of earning the points against competition. The ones who don't are usually the ones who we see will drive to Bullamakankah to ensure points. Sure their dogs will eventually title, but they know in their own minds what extremes they had to go to to get that title, and that is the meaning behind a petrol champion. Still for some, they don't care, they just want it anyway they can get it and would no doubt buy it outright if they could.
  21. I've only had 2 heart dogs, and I feel a tad guilty saying that, as I have some friends who have never had one. One of my friends thinks I am awful for unashamedly admitting that I love my Princess much more than any others, but I always say to her that when she feels that special connection with one herself, only then will she understand. It is not something that one can plan, it just happens like they have bewitched you. After I lost my last one, I vow and declared that I would never let myself fall in love with a 'special one' ever again! And 6 years down the track it happened, she went and cast a spell on me, and bewitched me into what I know will be even greater heartache further down the track once more. How does it happen when you are so adamant that it won't? Who knows.......but I can tell you that lap it up whilst you have it, because it doesn't last forever. Sure I love them all and have loved them all. I have shed tears over everyone I have lost. But with 'the special ones,' it is losing a purpose to wake up in the morning, a feeling of inadequacy to get through each day without those adorable eyes looking up at you. It is not wanting to watch telly if you haven't got that warm body pushing in beside you, basically in everything you do just not wanting to do it alone. I can remember the first thunderstorm here after I lost my last heart dog, I was thinking of her and wondering if she would still be frightened. She always hated being wet and I went out and put a tarp over her grave. I had a week off work after we lost her and even 12 months later I would often just burst into tears when anyone mentioned her name. It is something very hard to explain to anyone who hasn't felt it, but for those who are lucky enough to have shared that special bond, well they know how blessed they truly are.
  22. I too am leaning towards Bull Mastiff X Great Dane but who cares, she is lovely and you are wonderful for taking her in to your heart and giving her the love she so deserves. BTW:- I LOVE the name Daisy! It's a bitch name I hold in consideration myself actually. And she looks just like a lazy Daisy too! All the best with Daisy, I am sure she will give you as much happiness as I know you will give to her.
  23. Persephone that was the most moving eulogy your dear sweet Nary could ever have hoped for. Sure there would always be those who comment it is only a bird, but your words truly expressed how very much Nary meant to you, and gave us an insight into his wonderful little character also. I too feel your loss, along with your compassion, and only a true animal lover would ever understand. Fly free little Nary, for you very obviously well and truly gave much pleasure in your being, whilst with your loved ones.
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