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  1. I don't agree with Bark Buster's training methods and have heard plenty of people have no success with their methods. As it's a franchise this does vary from operation to operation... there may be some franchisees that have some dog training skills who may be better than others. In general though, I wouldn't recommend a franchise like this... people buy into them with no dog training experience, attend a 2 week training course and then they are on their own. If you are looking for a private trainer, look for someone with years of experience, qualifications (NDTF/Delta) and who uses methods that are scientifically proven to work. Bark Busters uses some weird methods (throwing chains and yelling "BAA" at the dog just to name a few) that have no scientific backing. The best trainers I know in Sydney are www.K9PRO.com.au.
  2. How did you go with finding a trainer? I am a dog trainer based on Brisbane's northside and am happy to help if you still need a trainer - www.synergydogtraining.com.au
  3. I have a similar system except I cut the bottom out of my bin and buried it in the garden. I just toss the poo in there and every now and then I add some soil as well. The earthworms from the garden do the rest, this system just feeds the garden (no edibles in this area) but it works pretty well.
  4. I'm doing some reading up on OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans) which isn't considered common in my breed but it seems to be becoming more prevalent. The information on the web is varied with differing opinions on heritability and not really a whole lot on how to keep your dog from developing it. Is it considered a genetic condition (or partially genetic) in your breed? Is there any screening that breeders do to test their stock like we do with hip and elbow scoring? What prevention strategies are suggested to help avoid developing the condition?
  5. Hi, I'm looking at potentially importing some semen from New Zealand and am trying to work out a rough idea on approximate costs. Obviously there are going to be a lot more fees than using a local dog for a natural mating but can I get some ideas on what all of it will cost? Can you lovely people give me an idea of what these things might cost?: - collection fee? - import/transport fee? - storage fees? - vet fees here in Aus for the actual AI? - any other fees that I've missed? - Obviously there will be a stud fee on top of this too.
  6. Asalei, yes it was Phil Thomas' diagnosis :-)
  7. she has access to tiles and the a/c is on when it's hot. She did seem a little out of sorts until yesterday but her temperature finally started to come down last night and today it's down to 38.8. She is on antibiotics and I'm keeping a close eye on her behaviour and temperature.
  8. thanks for that info Steve... I'm still learning (this is only my 3rd litter) and all the guides I've read say that temps over 39.5 are a concern which is why I took her to the vet in the first place. My usual vet and the emergency vet both agreed that the temp was a concern but neither are overly experienced with breeding. I guess I can chalk it up to experience... an expensive experience at that :-)
  9. I know it's normal for the temp to be up after whelping but the last 2 days it's been up above 39.5 which is why I think there might be something else wrong. Her temp is still 39.4 several hours after I brought her home from the vets.
  10. My bitch had a litter of 8 on Sunday morning, very healthy puppies all are doing really well. Since they were born though I've noticed that she's had a pretty high temperature (over 39 degrees constantly), other than the temperature she's been eating and drinking well, being a really good mother and everything else seems pretty much textbook. Yesterday I took her to my usual vet because this high temperature was starting to worry me. Vet gave her oxytocin and an antibiotic injection and said if she doesn't improve take her to the emergency vet because of course today is Christmas Day! She had some darker red discharge which was thicker and smelly yesterday afternoon after the shots but her temperature has stayed up. This morning it was still high so I took her to the emergency vet who after consulting with a reproduction specialist vet over the phone decided that it could be either Metritis, Mastitis or Eclampsia... all of which the repo vet usually starts out treating with surgical fluid administered over 4-5 hours, calcium injection and antibiotics. So that's what we did. Her calcium level was normal, her boobs feel normal and a swab of her discharge showed no abnormal levels of bacteria. Her temperature still has not come down and I'm wondering if it's all been a great big waste of time and money? Has anyone had anything similar happen or any ideas on what it could be? I'll be continuing to take her temperature and watch her and I guess I may never know what it was...
  11. I keep one in my training bag as a spare. It's super light weight and only really suitable for people who's dogs are very calm in a crate. Once you figure out how to fold them up its not too difficult. I tend to use it during a training session to send a dog back to for short breaks. I'd never leave a dog unattended in one so it's not really useful for competitions or even around the house...
  12. My girls certainly act the part if there is a barrier between them and the person they are barking at... once that barrier is no longer there they just jump all over the person in question and give them kisses. I have been broken into with the dogs loose inside and there wasn't even a peep out the dogs, either they slept through it or welcomed the intruder in and showed them around. As a watch dog they are great but definitely useless as guard dogs!
  13. thanks for the replies, glad to hear that others have had to wait a long time too! The bitch is being desexed now as we were never intending to breed her but I am glad to know that it's not likely to be a fertility issue.
  14. Just curious what is the longest anyone has had to wait for a bitch to come in season for the first time? One of the pups from my last litter is in an agility home and the owner wanted to wait until she'd had her first season before desexing her. That bitch is now 20 months old and still hasn't come in season as far as the owner is aware. There hasn't been any sign of a silent season or any unusual swelling of the vulva etc over this time either. Her sister who I kept has just had her 2nd season so nothing unusual there. Has anyone had to wait this long or longer? The owner will be desexing the bitch later this year regardless but I wonder if I should be worried that there might be an infertility issue in the lines, any thoughts?
  15. - You can go through freedom of information and get all the details of the investigation that Council has run which will tell you who lodged the complaint. - If council isn't going to enforce any laws about barking or take any action against you then you have nothing to worry about from their end... my council will seize dogs if they are found to be causing a nuisance and the owner isn't cooperating... - Someone mentioned bark count collars, again my council uses these and they are great but no better than video recordings which you are already doing. - I think your neighbour could take you to small claims court and seek mediation etc or could go through to VCAT but they would need evidence that the dog is causing a nuisance and you could then also provide the evidence that your dog is not causing a nuisance. - As for what action the complainer might take against your dog, can you keep the dog in the back yard and block any access to fences where the person could possibly throw something over the fence (bait etc?) or as others suggested keep dog locked inside when you are out to ensure that no harm comes to the dog. That plus a letter from a lawyers might work to stop the complaints once you find out who lodged the complaint.
  16. There is nothing in the rules to dictate what you can and can't do with your feet/hands etc. The only thing to be mindful of is that any signal or movement which is overexaggerated or seems excessive (like maybe taking a big step before stopping) can be considered a double command or additional signal which will lose you points.
  17. For years and years it's been drummed into people to use the left foot for heel and the right foot for stays etc but really who cares as long as it's consistently the same for your dog. Realistically if you're dog is looking up at you and giving nice focus then it won't care what the heck your feet are doing anyway!
  18. I have lollies too Rabs!!! And I'll have the good looking black and white bc girls! :-)
  19. some councils have fact sheets or info books you can give them, obviously they will vary in depth depending on how serious the particular council is about barking dogs. Do you know why the dog barks? If you think you know you could try and find some info online specific to the reason which may help the dog owner? I.e. is the dog barking because it's left alone, or because it's bored, or because there are cats/possums etc wandering around... the management strategy can and will vary depending on the reason the dog barks.
  20. Metro still do ring run outs on Wednesday nights. The ring isn't always set up but someone will certainly put you through a run out if that's what you are after. I try to get down there every other Wednesday to train my dogs and put people through run outs... but there are usually at least a couple of triallers around who know enough to give you some tips, tricks and pointers etc. I'll echo what the others have said, a lot of instructors encourage you into the ring far too early. Do some run outs and go to some trials to get a better idea if you really are ready. I see a lot of people in the ring who do silly things and lose points for all sorts of handler errors because they don't know enough about how to trial a dog yet! Ring craft and having a well trained dog are 2 very different things that need to come together in order to compete well!
  21. I used to use this clinic as well and never had a problem with them - I've moved now so don't go there any more. I don't think there are any 24hr vets in your area and the closest ones are UQ St Lucia or there is one in Calamvale as well I think.
  22. PADs (primarily an agility club) runs a basic obedience class on Saturday mornings in Eatons Hill. I think Urban dog training might run weekend classes? The Canine Classroom runs classes on the sunny coast on a Saturday but that's a bit far... I think they are planning on starting up classes somewhere on Brissy's north side this year but not sure it's started yet. The Sunday class is in Holland Park. Val Bonney's school in the Gap used to run classes on Saturday mornings, not sure they still do though.
  23. Here's what I've been up to with my young pup Blink, she's just gone 10 months old and is showing a real flair for tracking :-)
  24. I have a belated brag too but for me not my dogs! I got my CCD title last weekend - LOL in other words I passed my judge's exam for CCD :)
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