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  1. Are the vets you've seen regular vet or specialists? I found this article which has details for a specialist in NSW who helped another dog with this paralysis http://www.dogslife.com.au/dog-news/dog-health/coonhound-paralysis
  2. I didnt realise it was the clubs first comp, you guys did great, its always hard to run comps, especially the first one, (I run our clubs flyball comps) Things get easier and less stressful as you get more under your belt
  3. The thundershirt works well for my thunder/fireworks noise phobic girl, she's still not happy but she can lay down and stop panting with it on
  4. Bow wow process quite quickly as long as you fill out the forms fully and provide a full vet history with your first claim form, you do have to pay it in full and they reimburse you Hope the vet has fixed him up today
  5. I had a look at the times from last year, there were 11 staffords, hopefully some of the other states had staffords running!
  6. Yep thats him, yeah I was taking him up to hold him for his run so it was me you asked :D We reckon he's got to have grey or whippet, though others have said maybe beagle, but his build is much more sight hound. His mum was very stafford like, she came into the pound pregnant, the litter is very mixed though and one of his litter mates almost looks dogue cross
  7. Frankie, my little black stafford loved it! And the day confirmed for us I think that my friends dog Bud has to have some kind of hound in him, he has that body/chest, and he ran really fast! Was such a gorgeous day for it too and so relaxing sitting around with friends watching the dogs run like the wind Astro is the grey scruffy, he's a schnauzer x poodle, we reckon he's a terrier though lol! Neko ran great, the photo of her looking for you made me laugh though!
  8. Thanks :) She does look good for her age too, we still have people thinking she's a puppy
  9. Molly's stolen lots of food in her time and chewed lots of things up but she's never really ingested things that weren't food so this one totally took me by surprise, I'm just glad she's ok, and that we realised before it was too late :)
  10. Coming in a bit late here but I have done weight pull in Vic with my 2 staffords, at events run by the AMCV and the ASTCV (Malamute and Amstaff clubs) My boy recently injured himself however it wasnt weight pulling, none of my friends with mals, amstaffs or staffords have been injured pulling the carts. You start them slow by getting them used to the harnesses, then you get them to pull a tyre on a rope then the empty cart, then the cart with weights on it. Your best bet is to find an event in your state (normally the malamute club should know) and go check it out in person :) I defintely wouldnt pull with a dog that had pre exisiting injuries though
  11. I'm not sure, but I just keep practising with my dogs for the day it does come! Anywhere where there is a jetty, or even just a high bank!
  12. I cant wait for this, not nervous cos I've met Steve before, but very excited to start again with my pup, and remember all the stuff I've forgotten since I trained Ed in drive, I'm a big fan of this training and its results :)
  13. Thanks pretty miss Emma, she definitely had fun! Megan, Lucy did great! Here is some of Frankie
  14. lol yeah and I didnt want to get in trouble for fouling the ring myself! Ed's doing ok, he can still walk thankfully, but he cant run around, or do flyball or any of the things he loves, its onlead walks for him, but I am starting to do a little obed with him and may just get that last novice pass. He is also totally loving the nose work!
  15. hahahah love it, thats so cute! Busy busy! The springer seems vaguely familiar, I must have read you got her, or were getting her :) Ed & Molly are 8 now, Ed's been retired from pretty much everything as he's ruptured a disc, and I've also got a new pup Frankie, Ed's daughter, who is just wonderful :) Oh and the human kid is 3.5 which means its been way too long since I was in the obed ring, I stopped when I was pregnant cos I couldnt stop throwing up LOL
  16. I havent posted on here in such a long timebut came looking for some ideas for my pup on healing and couldnt help but notice this thread! SnT did an AWESOME job with this seminar, Frankie and I had a ball, and was nice to meet a few new people, Justrace, it must have been you with the Brit puppy I talked to a few times?! I've gotten a bunch of boxes from bunnings and the bottle shop and been doing it with all 3 dogs since, and they are having the best time, and its giving me a workout trying to think of new hidey spots too! I am crossing everything that Jen gets her visa and comes to melb :)
  17. Yeah, this thread is an old one that got brought back up today
  18. Both dogs titled in Flyball and obedience here, I forgot to tick obedience in the poll though lol oops Slightly obsessed with flyball, not so much with obed Dogs both know elements of agility, but not enough to trial and I wont take away from flyball time to pursue agility more!
  19. Eddie is named after Eddie Munster, and thats definitely his attitude! we didnt name Molly, but bitter is the opposite of her
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