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How To Tidy Up The Endless Supply Of Doggy Stuff ...


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Ok here is my over excessive amount of doggie stuff.

I had a space behind my laundry door just big enough for a doggy cupboard.


The inside


One of my spare room wardrobes, one side collars and leads the other side blankets



The things I used for the collars and leads were fashioned up with cable ties :thumbsup: they are tie and belt racks from bunnings.


and the one behind that one is screwed tot he wall


Then in the other spare room is half of the cupboard with thier jackets, and other bits and pieces


Well that's it from me the crazy hording dog stuff lady :thumbsup:

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I am not sure it would be big enough for my stuff :thumbsup: Was kind of thinking of an old fashion double cupboard (like we had as kids) where there is shelving on one side and hanging space on the other.

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Oh my, TLC :thumbsup: The bowls, the leads, the blankets! Your house is like a shop :mad

Love it! :thumbsup:

;) you don't wanna see my bedroom, it's like one big comfy dog kennel.... :mad

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I have a kid safe plastic bin.

My friend had five Wolfhounds and lurchers, she had shelving above her cupboard, with a stepladder to get to it. She had a story about coming home and finding two guilty puppies on top of her old hiding place for the treat barrel {on top of the fridge}.

They're climbed a chair, onto the dining table, from the dining table onto the kitchen bench, on the breadbox which was on the counter next to the fridge and then onto the top of the fridge.

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TLC that is FABULOUS :thumbsup::):(

We are moving onto a small property in a couple of weeks and down one side we have a triple garage for the oh, massive bungalow for the teenagers, dog shed :D horse tack room and feed shed, stable, hay storage and then a smaller shed that will store all the garden stuff.

Can't believe I will have a whole shed for the dogs with enough room for a table, bath, heaps of sheves, cupboards, crates everything, can't wait to set it all up :hug: ;) :D

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Deck: I have hooks on the deck for the dogs leads - they get too smelly to be hung inside.

Laundry: I have a basket with all their bushes, combs, shampoos etc in the laundry.

Study: All their bedding is in a cupboard in the study and their coats are in a basket on top of the cupboard in the study.

Kitchen: One cupboard section in the kitchen is for storing their dried food, treats, bowls, etc.

Deck: Their toys and bones are rounded up each evening and thrown into a basket on the deck.

Living Area: I have bedding for them in the living area and in the study and this is gathered up and washed every few days. No wonder my water use is going through the roof :):)

So reading back over that, it seems as though the house is pretty well designed around the dogs :laugh::rofl::o . Not exactly a joke as the main requirement for when I was looking for a new house was that it had a large yard for the dogs to sniff around and for me to garden and if not a deck already built, the room to add one.


Garage: (I forgot the garage) Spare leads and crates. Gussy Cat's beds and food.

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tlc - my dogs want to come to your house and go shopping!

Actually this thread gave me the reminder I needed to go through my excess dog coats and donate them to a Whippet Rescue as well as a couple of collars - so that is a great outcome :laugh:

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Secondly (and should have been in the previous post):


Bronte and the cat have a wicker and wood three drawer tallboy in the living area for all their toys, its quite a nice bit of furniture actually - but cost a bit.

Dry food, additives and treats are all in the pantry on 'their' shelf.

Shampoos, conditioners etc in the spare bathroom vanity next to the bath.

Medicines etc either on top of the fridge or in a snap lock container at the back of the pantry.

Meat and bones are in 'their' freezer in the laundry.

Collars, leads, training pouch on hooks in the laundry. (I only have three collars and two leads - clearly I'm lacking in this area, but I'm a traditionalist and like all black or all brown equipment, apart from Bronte's herding collar which is red for boldness.)

Towels, extra blankets etc in a laundry bag in the spare room.

Two car crates and bulk dry food in the garage.

Two house crates in my bedroom.

Ah, yes I hear you, I only have one dog, why two crates - planning for next puppy, VERY excited and I love to plan ahead.

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We built in our carport to make a 5 square room for our dogs. It has a built in cupboard thingy that houses the hot water service and also the bins for dry food. It also has their dyson vaccum cleaner and spare bunnings pens, and two shelves for bed covers and miscellaenous stuff.

It has a "half walled room" that was supposed to be the "whelping puppy area but is actually the GSD bedroom and two lock-up pens for isolation and bitches in season. They have a kitchenette with fridge, microwave and sink. Two underbench cupboards hold the towels and a container of biscuits, one cupboard has the used (washed ) meat containers. Under the sink are tubs holding shampoos and diswashing stuff. One cupboard with the dog dryer and spare bowls. They also have their hydrobath next to the kitchen. There is a phone in the room and a tv and radio.

In my shed we have a washing machine for the dogs. The dog trailer with all the stuff for shows strored permanently in there. Shelving for crates, whelping box ect ect and there is even room for the car.

In one of the spare rooms I keep all my show stuff like collars, bag towels, and also all my whelping supples and toys. Their day to day leads are hanging on hooks near the front door.

The laundry has a freezer for their food and about the only thing in the pantry is their good O's.

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:thumbsup: tlc! :thumbsup: thats alot of collars and leads.

I don't have as much things as everyone else. I have Jet's grooming things in a storage tub container. His toys in an open tub (he takes the toys when he wants.) & in the kitchen cupboard is his food, treats, medication in smaller containers.

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I was looking at getting a cupboard like this off ebay but got outbid in the last second ... it would have been perfect :o

Oh that's a great idea! I love the whole low cupboard idea as you can put sealed containers of food etc on top :) They usually have lots of peices like that at op shops - i may have to get into the salvos store one of these days and see if i can get an old wardrobe i can sand back and repaint for all my doggy stuff!

I've got hooks on the back of my front door where sophie and chase's leads, check chains and spare collars hang. There's a shelf in the laundry cupboard that houses spare hessian covers for their hammock beds, muzzles (for the previous foster Grey), and a bucket that contains doggie shampoos, shine sprays and doggie deoderant and my furminator, a good old fashioned tail comb (great for under BC ears!) and a brush. My Houndbag, walkie-belt (from aldi and the best one i could have imagined) and treat pouch has pride of place on my coffee table! Lol. That shouldn't be happening though but i usually get back from walks or training and ditch the gear, run to the shower and then crash on the couch - hehe. Doggie Meds (Advantix, Heartguard etc) and cat meds are in the top drawer of my office desk.

I need to get more organised - we have such a small house though and other than the laundry and hall cupboards and the master bedroom have no built-in storage.

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Linen closest shelf - for doggies grooming things. as well as treats, towels, training stuff, medicine etc

In study - there is a big crate of toys.

In the bedroom - there is a box of toys.

(they have a lot of toys because my friends get it for them.. or they are hand me down toys from their toddlers who don't like their toys anymore)

In the living room - the dogs have their own corner of toys and things (use to have a box there.. but it always remain empty... so we just throw all the toys in that corner).

I have hooks for collars and leash next to the front door.

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