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My little rainbow Yoshi got sick on Monday I found her fluffed up in her bed not looking very well

A trip to the vet confirmed she was egg bound, we thought we got it in time and she survived the surgery to remove it, we thought she would be ok but she passed away in my hands on Saturday night from a secondary infection ;)

I raised her from a 2 week old chick and she was a wonderful little bird, told the dogs to shut up when they barked ;) , ran around the house like she owned it, showered with us and talked and whistled in English and Greek. Total smart ass clown of a bird who loved to sleep in my sons bed with him

We have all shed tears for the little monster

I miss her terribly, it is so quiet around here, the dogs miss her too and cry at her empty cage

Fly free sweet girl, you where taken from us far too young :)

:thumbsup: :D

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:D Oh Peibe :thumbsup: to you. Yoshi was the one who kept the pei in line. Fly free little Yoshi, may the grain be plentiful and the pei few.

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