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Rspca Katoomba Shelter To Close

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Yes, it's bad and there is so much going on behind the scenes. :mad

Coleman said the RSPCA in General not just Katoomba is phasing out their shelters and hoping to focus on cruelty investigations and placing animals in foster situations... The room absolutely erupted with disgust. It was pointed out they should tell the information to people donating so they know " the direction" they are heading in.

I felt sick when I left the meeting as so much deception has been revealed and ruthless unethical business decisions. No concern or compassion for the animals or people has been shown. :cry::cry: shameful and heartbreaking.

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The land was left to the people of the blue Mountains by a lady who died but had to be registered with RSPCA Australia- not locally.

Apparently it was built from scratch solely by locals and all the locals put their heart and soul and money into it. They have also given money they thought was for the running of the local shelter and the RSPCA has taken it all and absorbed it into the national fund. Lost to The Blue Mountains.

The RSPCA made sure all assets and revenue from the Blue Mountains was registered with RSPCA Australia, no individual claim to funds or assets were allowed

RSPCA also sold off all the local RSPCA shops after refusing to restock and making it hard for volunteers and running them into the ground. The shops were bought originally with money raised in The Blue mountains but again, the RSPCA as a whole organisation has claimed the money and won't put the money back into the community up here. They sold then shops for 4 and 5 times the price they were bought for.

At the meeting it came to light the RSPCA has millions of dollars available to them. They have a business directive and have no interest in our community or keeping the shelter operating. That was obvious from what Steve Coleman did say and documentation. It's about money and selling the land. They said their business is changing direction and operating the shelters is not a priority.

The community is devastated here because the land was left to The Blue Mountains in the original documents from the person who died and donated. The RSPCA can take it on a legal loophole.

Ethically when you hear the whole case there is absolutely no doubt the shelter and all the money donated was MEANT for the Blue Mts shelter. It's all so sad and complicated and very political the RSPCA has not been providing info to people or sending newsletters and has been withholding information. Staff are not allowed to talk or were not allowed to attend the meeting.

The Council are also devastated and do not know what they are going to do- but explained they cannot stop it closing.

One of the members of the Council said they do not know what they are going to do and they have very little time.

The Blue mountains shelter also serves for wildlife and horses and larger animals. When asked what are we going to do about them the Council were currently speaking to Hawkesbury and other pounds. All hours away. There will be no help for large animals or natives. They are expecting the local vets to deal with it and foster carers. Most carers up here are very cash poor and already stretched.

We have literally gone back 30 years. The locals are so upset and a lot of people feel we have been forgotten in the system and taken advantage of. People who have donated feel deceived as the money is not being used here. There were over 100+ people in that meeting who vowed never to give a cent again to them if they shut this shelter. Also media there who will do stories. One elderly man was leaving them $40 000 in his will. Not now.

There are a lot of competent people desperately fighting this but the decision seems to be made. It's going to impact animals up here on so many levels and more animals may be dumped as there will be nowhere to surrender. I hope Socares can somehow strike an agreement.

To expect the public to foster care and vets to deal with it all or for people to drive more than 2 hours away when the facility is sitting there and been built by the locals is heartbreaking. Very sad and very unethical. :cry::cry:

Politics and money aside it is the animals who are going to suffer as a result of the shelter closing.

Melissa this just makes me sick. It is completely unacceptable for the national organisation who claims to protect all creatures great and small to reject the needs of animals (large and small!) in that community because it is not profitable on paper. How dare they! And they have been scoffing squillions in state funds here in QLD to build their mega shelter out at Wacol. Do tax payers get given their share back when they decide to sell or lease it on? How can you be the statutory body for animal cruelty and not operate shelters? Those cruelty cases need to be housed somewhere secure. Those lost pets hoping to be reunited with their owners need to be held somewhere. You can't take in a load of dogs from a puppy farm and expect them to be quarantined with a foster carer. WTF.

If they are worried about donations and volunteer numbers dropping then wait and see what kind of community support they get when they start closing down shelters. Don't they understand they need to at least be seen to be doing something selfless to benefit animals even if they are not?

Although, if I think about it cynically, nationally they kill more than they rehome so maybe they don't need shelters?

Edited to add I would love to participate in the online petition if you can add the link? I will happily share it within my circle too.

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stumbled on an update for the blue mountains shelter.


so attitudes have not improved it seems, so well summed up by  "Ward 1 councillor Kerry Brown said she felt the joint facility sounded "cruel and impractical".






DECEMBER 16 2020 - 3:00PM

Dual-purpose shelter a step closer at Katoomba RSPCA

The RSPCA has moved a step closer to creating a native wildlife sanctuary at its Katoomba facility, with National Parks giving it a provisional licence.

But the organisation was unable to tell the Gazette how the dual purpose shelter might work or how the native and domestic animals will be kept separate. Repeated requests for information elicited no response.

It is an issue worrying some members of the local RSPCA branch.

Branch vice-president, Bob Kemnitz, said wildlife could be stressed "by the sight, sound or even smell of the dogs". He believed it could mean dogs being kept in a totally enclosed building.

"I am concerned for the dogs which will need to be locked away in the new, totally enclosed kennels proposed for the site, in order to protect the wildlife which would be sharing the site with them."



Ward 1 councillor Kerry Brown said she felt the joint facility sounded "cruel and impractical".

"To avoid stressing wildlife, it means the companion animals would have to be kept permanently enclosed out of sight and sound of the outside world. For dogs this will be particularly stressful. How will they be exercised and how will the barking be managed inside the enclosure? They will be chewing their own paws in no time.

"Dogs could only be kept in such conditions for a few days. So what happens if they are not returned to their owners or adopted quickly? I fear killing them would be the quickest and easiest solution."

The granting of a provisional licence to rehabilitate wildlife is only a first step for the RSPCA. A revamped facility will need development consent, which will be submitted to the Local Planning Panel for determination.

It comes as council and the organisation finalise an agreement for Katoomba to continue to operate as a pound for stray domestic animals.

Councillors at an extraordinary meeting voted to negotiate a new deal with the RSPCA without going to open tender. A report noted that in previous processes in 2008, 2011 and 2016, the RSPCA had been the only valid tenderer.

Crs Brown and Kevin Schreiber voted against the tender exemption but they then supported negotiating a new deal.

"I think it is time we looked further afield," Cr Brown said. "That would include rescue groups, private animal care retreats, vets and also the feasibility of running our own service."

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Thank you for sharing this vital news. 
Sadly I'm hardly surprised. 

Around 25 years ago when I was going through really hard times, my beautiful Rotti boy had a recurrence of a skin condition. 
Not having the cash for a consult [my dogs original vet had returned to the U.K.], I knew exactly what he needed - an ointment and a course of tablets - for which I'd scraped together the funds.  
When I rang the RSPCA for help [to buy the meds without a consult] I was abused as a "neglectful" dog owner, who needed to surrender my boy for euthanasia. 

Talk about stunned at such an appalling attitude. [Rotti boy was well cared for. He lived to 14yo. A brilliant age for a 50kg dog]
Since then I've heard so many revolting stories that reflect that the RSPCA is now more focused on money rather than the animals that just about everyone thinks is their #1 priority. Nuh. 

I'd not have anything to do with the RSPCA ever again [except to report animal neglect or abuse] 

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