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Short Sleeves In The Showring?

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Getting ready for my first show in almost 12 months and I was wondering what the current thoughts/fashion is for wearing short sleeves in the showring as compared with a jacket.

I have two possibilities for the shows this weekend -

Purple suit (have worn this the last 2 years at the specialty, but I do love this suit)


Or a navy and black patterned peplum top with a black skirt


Thoughts? Am I better to be safe and pull out some other jackets for the weekend (international judges) or can I wear something with short sleeves?

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I normally always bring a jacket (unless I forget it) but I have gone in with no sleeves (peplum top and a dress) when it was stinking hot.

I've just bought a skirt suit that has short sleeves, it still looks smart but I won't get so hot.

If I were you, I would go with what is most comfortable for you.

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Wear whatever you are comfortable in, in summer I regularly show in dresses with small cap sleeves. If you show in something you are most comfortable in, I find that can transfer down the lead to the dog, rather than if you go into the ring uncomfortable about what you are wearing.

I do love the purple suit though :love:

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