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Does Your Dog Sleep Through The Night Without An Outside Trip?


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Yes. Take them to toilet approx. 10pm and good to approx. 6 am.

Nowdays, especially in winter I think they would stay until 10 am. But as soon as OH or I get up to go to the toilet, they all get up. We think it is because they go to toilet but more important to them they get breakfast and back to bed until their morning walk. :) :)

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Bedtime for doggies is around 10.30pm at our house. They get toileted and put to bed.

SuperBladder (Bubby, turning 10) can hold on forever!!!!!! He sleeps next to a giant bowl of water and is fine.

Bitty (6) holds until 7 am most nights but once in a while she'll wake up anywhere from 3am to 6am ask to go to the toilet!

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My older dog is nearly 15 years old and she goes out in the middle of the night, even though she gets a little walk outside before bed time. She has a door to go through and comes and goes as she pleases. In winter on really cold nights, I find sometimes she is reluctant to go outside and sometimes will pee inside - yikes! So what I have done is bought puppy pads. I put two (size 60cm x 60xm ones) out each night near the door she goes through. 99% of the time they are not used, but once a month I find she has peed on them. But no longer do I get occasional surprises with pee on carpet or rugs, so this solution works for me. Maybe you can try this if you want your dogs shut/locked.

PS: I change the puppy pads every two weeks even if not used, because I think the attraction to use them (a scent in them) disappears and they become less effective.

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